Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Today Written Update: Kamal Haasan scolds Balaji, calls Ramya biased

Saturday (January 2) episode saw Kamal Haasan in ‘Boss’ mode, condemning Balaji Murugadas’s violent behavior. The episode was similar to ‘Justice for Aari’ and exposed the bias towards co-competitors over their favorite housemates. Highlights of Friday’s episode aired.

Friday’s episode was nothing less than explosive. The fight between Ari and Balaji continued until the latter threw pillows and became very violent. Even the contestants intervened and told Ari and Balaji to go to bed.


Last week, family members of the contestants visited the home. Shivani Narayanan’s mother, before exchanging pleasantries with him, scolded Balaji for pursuing her like a dog. Shivani’s mother’s fierce reaction received mixed reviews on social media. Many call it emotional and parental abuse.

Speaking to Kamal Shivani, he said he came to the light in a very specific context. She said that she felt her mother was wrong and that Shivani was appreciative of being kind to her even when she was being rude. As a New Year gift to Siva, Kamal called his mother by video call and said it was an explosion of emotion. Kamal has made it clear that he is not criticizing her for behaving indecently with Shivani.

Kamal Haasan praised Ari for being honest and impartial. He asked her to stop his anger. After talking to Arie, he asked them to sit separately and ask the other contestants about the problem with them.


After Balaji, Rama Pandian spat with Ary on Friday. When asked about her problems with Kamal Haasan Ari, she said that Ari has been finding it boring for the past 90 days. He said she could not tolerate his negativity. Others felt that Ari always criticized other contestants without changing her.

It was then that Kamal asked Bali about his problems with Ari. He recalled the comments of host Balaji saying that the people who won the Bigg Boss in the last three quarters did nothing. Kamal said, “I cannot accept your opinion. You are playing the game to win Bigg Boss. Your comment disrespects the position you intend to go to and the audience who voted for you. Now you have gone back 10 steps. Now, I have no idea what Balaji’s true face is. ”


Kamal Haasan then asked the contestants what their views were when their family members spoke more about Ari. “You guys hinted when your own family admired Arie? You misunderstood them and tried to pull Arie down,” he said.

Most contestants said they were not angry at Ari and did not want to drag him down. He approached Rama and then called her a partisan. “Rama is not fair. She allows Balaji to speak freely and express his opinions. It gives Rama a red face.

Kamal Haasan reminded the contestants to play with respect in the remaining two weeks. Everyone asked him not to give up his self-esteem. He then rescued Gabriella aka Gabi from eviction.

After Kamal signed off, Balaji apologized to Ari’s behavior and asked him to change. Balaji said he would also take Ari’s suggestions and think about it.

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