Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Written Update: Housemates fight with each other during the luxury budget task

In the latest issue of Tamil Bigg Boss 4, the contestants are working on a luxury budget where they are divided into two groups and the Bigg Boss house is turned into a poultry farm. If one group is asked to behave as hens, the other group’s competitors are wolves. Each poultry was given large golden eggs and their task was to protect it, but the task of wolves was to somehow touch the egg to win the task.

On the other hand, wolves can get out of the game by touching the tail in their costumes. The act brought some great fights among the contestants as they all began to formulate their own rules. When Rio tells her that Archana has been unfair in her act since she has come to group with other wolves. However, Archana defended the act, saying that wolves come in packs and not in isolation.

The contestants were also given fake currencies and allowed to interact with each other to keep their eggs safe. Whoever has the maximum amount at the end of the task, they will be declared the winner. Balaji Murugadas sat on his egg to protect the funny bones of the housemates. However, as they sat on it, the egg broke into pieces and Bigg Boss announced that he could no longer handle the task.

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