Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 13 January 2021 Written Episode Update

Today is the 100th day of the Big Boss. It was a long journey for the audience as well as the competitors. Competitors and spectators alike, the important thing for both sides to think about is ‘what did we get out of this show’. I thought I might summarize some of the source material for this hundredth day. Let the show end. The idea is to write a separate article about them.

The hundredth day. Congratulations to the relatives.

Okay. Let’s see what happened on day 100.
The singer seems to be excited about the ‘Love Alliance’ coming in. So he mixed and sang some songs in cocktail style just like yesterday. How many people remembered Anita during the line ‘Vettaiyadave Veriyoda Suttaran’? Came to me. Sin, I think he could not have come to the Big Boss house because his father had recently disappeared.

At the end of the song they shouted in a chorus as usual ‘Goodmorning Big Boss’. No one followed Ari’s advice to say ‘good morning’. Our culture is ‘not to follow all that is good’.

Ari seems to be in a mood upset as the love alliance is getting inside and back in the closet. No scratches on the face. Urren is a maze as he is. (No .. he’s just like that expression!). He was cleaning the house alone. ‘Day .. Machan .. shouldn’t have been called?’ According to Som to come “No. Bored. That’s what I was multiplying. Finished, ‘said Ari.

I remember Ari doing the same thing by dragging Bala’s work like this before. This can be seen in two ways. The real workers think that they can do it by themselves rather than wrestling with them by telling them to work with the ‘Chandi cows’. Does Ari follow it? Or does he just not pay attention when you tell him something to do?

Is he inside to avoid the love affair or is he really obligated to keep the house clean? It is up to the Lord to decide whether he is struggling to gain goodwill since the last week. But it is only certain that Ari is more fearless of work than the others.

Nisha, who had bought the flower that Rio had plucked, tried to say something in the style of a menu saying ‘a black ant inside this white flower’ ‘then .. Machan. I have a job .. let’s see ‘. Nisha was devastated. In a comedy scene, ‘Toy .. I just bought the inventory. Vivek pulls out the dispersers and says, ‘Don’t ask me out of nowhere.’ That’s what came to mind.

After a while a modern style youth in the guise of Vel Murugan entered inside. Probably his son. If you think so, no. He is. (Stay. Don’t be angry. I just said that). The person has changed in style, dress and decoration. Going out as a folk singer, ‘hi dude’ is a ‘youth’ model whose ear is adorned with all sorts of mustard. Being the ‘Owner of the Well Brothers’ seems to have changed itself accordingly.

Velmurugan sat up and cheered with a shout that sounded like a crow calling to everyone’s hips like a baby jumping at everyone. People wondered, “What the fuck … have you changed?” “It’s like that now … I’ve come to compete with Balaji,” Wales exclaimed.

Next to commemorate the Onam festival ‘Sanam’ Sachi entered with a decorative look. His ‘Sanam’, i.e. Army … would have been excited. Sanam was as happy as a daughter who was born and came home after seeing Big Boss house after a long day. Ramya ran to greet him and said, ‘I was the first Big Boss to come into the house and I was drowning in your face’ and Ramya’s face became ‘Kedak’ for a moment. (Tell me what. Ivanka ?!). “What Nisha Slim Acting” Sanam asked with a silent smile.

Next Chuchi and Ajith came inside as if they were coming into the house where the ceremony was taking place one by one. New weeds had settled in Chuchi. (Stay like this madam!). It seems that Ajith doesn’t even have time to cut his hair after going out. That’s how it came to be. Ramya later asked the same question.

The student who got the first mark in the state, as other students see as special, everyone who enters the house interrogates Arie individually and leaves with a ‘hello’. “I just came to see you,” said Sanam, putting extra ice on Ari. “Aren’t you crazy … how are you?” Seen as is

Chuchi hugged Balaji.

After a while Sam came in through the activity area. Newcomers are often the first to fall in love with Ramya. Ramya who ran and hugged him. Then ‘How do I play?’ ‘Mass’ said Sam to hear that secretly. “It’s unbelievable,” Ramya jerked. As if Ramya and Balaji have a lot of doubts about their game.

Balaji, who had taken Chuchi home and sidelined him, was asking the same thing. ‘Is there any rice left in the carrier?’ Like ‘Is there anything left out of my carrier?’ Balaji put on a sinful face and asked ‘Day .. Lucy .. I have come to the final line. Atula is the only focus. Let the outside world be the same. “Don’t worry,” said Chuchi.

When Sam came in search of Bala, he cleared his throat and rushed to look for his mother like a cow running in search of her mother. “You’re a baby,” said Sam. “How are you?” Balaji was bored to ask, “That’s what I’m asking. No matter what interview you go to … are you a Balaji Army?” And buy life … ” !).

“I dragged Balaji away so that the fight between Balaji and Ari could not escalate … Ari said ‘Your friend’ .. Let me tell you ‘Oneside’ .. I didn’t even talk much to Balaji. That’s what happens to me here, ‘said Ramya. The worry of ‘Go to Balaji and tell my friend ..’ was funny on his face.

Balaji, who was wearing Velmurugan’s cool glasses at night, embraced him without saying “Sari Sanam”. “Hey, did Puducha do something wrong?” That housewife sample interrogated Sanam. Then he said ‘Congratulations on winning the final’.

After a long day the mind was happy to see that the sofa of the Big Boss house was full. “It simply came to our notice then that Jalia was not there. Let the guests be.” But as finalists, you have a responsibility to make your decision. It seemed as if the rigorous task awaited the rivals, with Big Boss making a joking threat to ‘give the task in order’. Not like that. The ‘Luluwai’ competition for peanut candy and cotton candy followed.

Arie, who had been speechless from the beginning, was still sitting in the same mood, and KP was inquiring as to when the team split, “Arie … even you okay …”. “It simply came to our notice then. Will Poochandi give in to opposition? ” The ‘sur’ on Ari’s face was still too high for that call to be like threatening children.

The two young men in the ‘College’ movie were alternately talking, as if pouring oil on a burning fire, rather than Rio asking, ‘Anga .. that’s not screaming, tell me’. Rio may have left it at that too without much fuss. Similarly, Ari may not have shown much ur for this little thing.

Dividing the house into five teams, Big Boss repeated the task of ‘I came looking for you in gold’. The team that went inside first said, “This is it .. we will not see anything.” They were shocked and only picked up some papers. Big Boss gave the retailer a gift of ‘Elanta Payam, Korgalika’.

Even in this ‘Luluwai’ task, Balaji showed off his ‘Out of the box thinking’ diplomacy. It looks like Ramesh has said, “Let’s go first.” ‘No. Balaji said, ‘Let’s go for a second time’, when they left, there were not even those scraps of paper. Balaji said, “I will not go without anything,” and even after the buzzer hit, he picked up a piece of paper and left. It looks like they will hand over the feeding bottle to Balaji saying ‘baby … baby’.

The Rio team got new items. Rio was proud of this. When it came to ‘ice cream’ Ramya kept asking ‘Send Mango Flavor Big Boss’ without forgetting. Archana’s favorite ‘Sonpapti’ also came on the list. (I like it too.)

‘The twist has come. Som worried about the inventory history. When Sanam’s team left, he said, “Let me see what I brought.” Someone asked for timing. ‘No .. our Ajith .. c

Woody is not like Bobby Simha. Bobby Simha starred in the film and found out that he was ‘Glue’ quality ‘Jigarthanda?’

It seems that people are filling him up at home more than the memes that came out with Velmurugan on the internet. ‘Where was the light ticket? We even went back to the house TV and looked for it. They may be bored at home saying ‘man kangalaiye’. Weede sat up excitedly and listened as he told her to laugh at this. It would have been a while yet if he had revealed this joke before. Velmurugan and Nisha humble themselves and express humor in it. (This is Vadivelu’s style!).

“It simply came to our notice then. Have been looking for me at home for two months. Complain to the police and the ‘missing’ poster is stuck. Am I intentional

Ajith surpassed Velmirugan.

People were as excited as Big Boss got the first show ticket for the movie ‘Master’ to announce that it was airing a video of the comedy moments that took place at the Big Boss house as a 100th day special event, which brought the people back into the congregation. Announcing ‘comedy’ is really good comedy as Rio stands up and unnecessarily blinks as if something has only leased it.

The video was a quality incident. ‘The way Sam walked in with the mustache painted and edited as if Nisha was scared to look at it and stumbled was awesome. Both are scenes that took place at different moments. They had them glued together beautifully. ‘What is your contribution to the Big Boss house?’ That’s the good joke of the song that was attached behind the scenes of Big Boss stabbing everyone in the office room. Most notably the sleeping scene in the Ramesh design poses made me laugh.

Rio shouted angrily, “We are in national television,” and his comedy was set against the backdrop of the film “Badshah.” The scenes involving Rio and Nisha in this set were really interesting. Archana fell down and laughed when she saw the snake dance scene.

Humor should be like pickles. The editor had the wisdom not to let that become the whole meal. So next came the scene of Rekha crying. In fact it is an unnecessary nail. It was her personal choice not to tell Rekha about her father’s death, thinking that others would laugh at her “on the way”. There is no need to be angry with his housemate Rekha for that. Reka doesn’t need to feel that way either.

So Rekha told the story that was left then and now to cry. When he had finished saying ‘I say consolation is the way’ Rico ‘leave’ to build Rio. Sanam smiled spontaneously at Rekha’s words ‘Breathless’. Cute scene.

Laughing at the tragedies of others is a mental illness. Just as there is occasion and context where to tell their grief. It is only right to tell their innermost sorrows to those closest to him in solitude. There is no compulsion to say this on TV. There is no need for Reka or his family to feel guilty for this.

But the message that Rekha came to tell is important. More and more people are leaving their parents unattended in old age due to selfishness, workload, boredom, anger, and antics done by the elderly. But after the death of the parents all our mistakes and mistakes come to mind as a whole and cause guilt and embarrassment deeply. So it is only right that parents take good care of them while they are there.

After the end of Rekha’s tragic episode, Big Boss accepted the responsibility of making the house lively again. She did not understand the head and legs when he called Nisha as ‘Nishu’. ‘Big Boss. We can’t see all this cruelty. ”

‘What Nishu .. be a coyote. Diet? ‘Nisha tapped Nisha’s slim cuteness with joy and shame. Karthik could not hold Sinrasu by the hand after announcing the model put on the mic.

Nisha flew like a bird all over the house without sounding in the background of the song ‘Two birds flew here and there across the mountain’. The other contestants closed their eyes, wondering ‘what more cruelty do we still have to see’.

This Inside the Big Boss from the housewife ‘What. Are you playing Villangama? ”As if an SMS had come to Big Boss. “Illamma .. we were just talking,” said Big Boss, then turning the plate over.

He called Nisha, who was wandering around the house excitedly, and asked, “Was the comedy good?” (What villainy ?!) Velmurugan brought water saying ‘Drink water, drink water’. Balaji hugged and comforted her, “Chief .. don’t worry ..”

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