Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4: Ticket to Finale Begins BB Tamil Season 4 Day 92 Highlights

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4: The one who gets the highest score will be released from this week’s eviction process and qualify for the final week, even if he gets less popular votes. What happened at the Big Boss house? – Day 92

In the movie ‘Nattamai’, Countamani will call his father Senthil ‘Day Inga Wada’. As soon as Senthil came near he said ‘Chee Boda’. Will call again.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Ticket to finale announced; Som Shekar accepts defeat after argument with Aari Arjuna

This is almost exactly how Balaji handles Aari. He first calls Ary and starts the discussion by saying ‘sorry brother’. As the debate progresses, ” I’m going to be ugly. Are you all great men? ” Sin ari. Like Senthil, he gets unnecessarily ugly from time to time.

However, this may increase the mileage for Aarik. Aari uses these conversations to re-record his side of the argument and the other side’s mistakes with whomever he speaks to. Thus a plus for him. This simple logic is not understood by Balaji. Sitting down for a conversation with Aari over and over again is to Aari’s advantage.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Live Feed: Housemates compete with each other in ‘Ticket to the finale’ task

Leaving Balaji alone with his hand after the morning song, Rio advised, “The way you spoke the day Kamal came was a little anarchic. Look … you should not behave in such a way as to disrespect him.” True. , Only at last week’s hearing, Nambiar kept his model face tight and openly expressed his hatred for Aari, saying, “I don’t know … I don’t understand.”

A mini argument took place between Ramya and Rio in the kitchen area. (Balaji – Aari is all about ‘mini’ talking to others when compared to the conversation). Rio was now investigating what it was like when Ramya came up with the photo of Rio saying ‘keep one thing in mind and outwardly give another reason’.

“Didn’t you consult me ​​before you added me to the kitchen team?” Ramya dug while explaining the old incident. (Like the accident caused by Aarie’s companionship). Rio explains, “Why did you kick Anita, you don’t even know Seth Aguman is there … he’s too happy to yell at you.” Tell me a reason … Can I be the burden of the kitchen team because I kicked Anita? ” Rio may have been confused that Ramya would say, ‘God … Arye needs this.’

They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities, such as “What do I say to the problem … what then?” Rio was obsessed with that.

On the other hand Bala and Aari sat down for a long discussion. ‘If he hates Aariya unnecessarily, his name will be tarnished. All this is not necessary in the final time. We will apologize if we do not speak and make peace. ‘ But when it comes to speaking he falls into the grip of rage and slips away.

“Tell me more about the work of the former kitchen team. This housekeeping is the only job you’ve ever had … Did you do that because I’m on the housekeeping team? ” Aari patiently began to explain to KP, “The reason I said this and that is different. Leave KP alone to work and be accountable. At least the size of the house will remain the same now.” But Balaji did not understand.

You will know better if you revisited this discussion between Aarik and Balaji. Aari presents very clearly the knowledge-based logical answers to each of Balaji’s questions. If you look at who has a higher IQ in this house it is definitely more for Aarik. Balaji is also clever but less so compared to Aari. And Balaji’s rage obscures his knowledge.

If there were two beasts of equal strength in any herd, the power struggle for leadership would continue. Only the strong will win in the end. This is what is happening to Aarik and Balaji. This is what the motto ‘there can be no two knives in one sheath’ means. Aari is a knowledge-based running animal. But the palagio is an animal that occasionally slips into rage.

Balaji took up the topic ‘Ure Barkkudu’ again. Thus Balaji did not even understand the simple logic that Shivani’s name would be hit again. For this, “Did you say that from your daughter?” Balaji asked unfairly that Balaji had lifted up when Aari’s daughter came in. It was not proper to quote that little girl.

“I said that because I remember my daughter Shivani. But Shivani almost explained why I said that word and apologized to him. Do not stir this over and over again. I have warned you before. You provoked me, “said Aari.

But Aari is also the one who slips and falls in anger. “Have you ever seen the world before. What is your age … What is my age … Scream to pay respect to age …” Aari sighed. Talking to Balaji in the singular will only increase Balaji’s anger. Maybe that’s what Aari’s strategy looks like. Kamal’s advice to Aari yesterday, ‘Tell me your advice kindly’, he has now let fly in the air.

Balaji replied, “If he does not speak like that again … this is what I will speak.” Then KP came there and now Balaji tried to put down what Aari had said about KP. “Can’t you tell me four drives from Love Betla?” Said Aari angrily.

On the other hand, KP was talking to Rio about Ramya. Nathanar, who was sneering at his brother about the newly arrived brother-in-law, knew at the time when he was looking at KP. “What’s wrong with her about the reasons you said to nominate Aaria? It has nothing to do with her. Why not go and answer her?” KP screwed that to Rio.

Balaji went straight to Som and told him about the discussion with Aari and Som followed what Anantha and Rio had said. “Don’t go near him and give him a mouth … no answer. Don’t go unnecessarily!”

The last nomination process for this season has begun. This time the captain can also be nominated. They sat down to nominate and murmur the reasons with murderous thinking to the person.

When Big Boss said, “Finished or not … this is the last nomination, everyone would have been nominated …” The one who was most pleased with this change was Aari, and the first thing on his face was the worry that his name might not have been on the nominee list at the final time.Now Aari Happy Annachi!

It was weird that Big Boss said the full names of the contestants were the nominees this week. That’s when we knew what KP’s full name was. People were very happy for this.

The reason given by KP when nominating Ramya was, “Become a local Azar who has nothing to do with him and comment … whoever he is may be Klosa. Speak in their favor. Have spoken against Aari many times.” Ramya’s face changed as soon as KP said this.

So after the nomination round is over, “Can you explain this?” To hear that “Everybody stay close at all times. Now Bala” to say to KP “What Bala is my friend?” Ramya threw a sarcastic smile.

‘Aari Pro scares me … Annie hid behind the bathroom door and yelled’ Insect ‘… Do you know I was scared?’ Rio was orphaned by KP for the range. Rio and Som seem to see KP as the mini Archana after Archana is gone.

“Even Madhavanga smiled and told the boss he was good. He said, ‘Even when the baby comes, I will stay away from Taskla. But no one can see my commitment here.’ What is that? This is how he was born … ”Rio’s lament was long.

First match: Hold a balloon filled with water. Below it will be a pedestal fitted with nails. Do not fold the hand. If the hand goes down without bearing the weight, the silk balloon will scatter on the nail. The loser first gets the lowest marks.

Female competitors had a hard time because it was a physical strength competition. ‘Aw … my hand hurts,’ said Ramya and KP. “What happened to sneezing?” Ramya joked that. Shivani was the first to miss. Aari was watching the cape on the side as usual and alerting. KP also lost weight.

Ramya broke the nail by putting the balloon as if to say ‘OK …’ to make Rio jolly. “Bastard … did you put it on?” Rio yelled. Ramya must have put up with the pain unbearably.

Others warned him to bend the body at different angles so that Som could not cope. “Female competitors. Take note of this. Anyone who folds or dies will be disqualified,” Rio recalled.

But Aarie and Somu hotly debated for fourth and fifth place when it came to fitting the scores on the board. My opinion is that he should get low marks because Som made more mistakes than Ary. But, Som achieved without admitting his mistakes. He argued that Aari’s hand was bent in response. So Aari sighed hotly, ‘Okay I agree’. He then read the decree and admitted his grievances.

Match 2 started. Anyone who has thought of ideas for this competition seems to have contributed to the screenplay of the film ‘Imsai Arasan’. He has thought of so many strange things. Thus competitors must stand within the man height board. A piece of wood should fit within the gap between his head and the height of the frame. The winner is the one who bears the log head to the end.

Its success lies in choosing the piece of wood that fits perfectly between its height and the border of the frame. But Ramya, who was lamenting that ‘nothing is set greed for my height’, was surprised to succeed in this.

The pieces of board fell down in the order of KP, Balaji, Som, Aari, Shivani, Rio, Ramya. Ramya set a Guinness World Record of 38 minutes and 51 seconds. It is a happy thing that a woman has won a fitness competition. Rio, who had previously tackled a piece of wood for more than 30 minutes … took second place.

“The piece of wood is smashed in the head like this … so there is no damage to the brain?” As usual, Ramya did not fail to kneel on the battlefield. Maybe Rio would have come to the first place if it had not done such conundrums What!

So … Rio was in first place in terms of scores at the end of two matches. Shiva and Shakti got equal marks and were in competition there too.

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