Bihar: Nitish government initiative, along with the name, will also be rejected by submitting a land map, which will help reduce land disputes.

The Bihar government will soon introduce a textual variance (filing-dismissal) and a regional-filing-dismissal. The Department of Revenue and Land Reform is busy in its preparation. A one-day workshop will be held on March 1.

The workshop invited senior officials / technical staff of the states conducting regional transformations. Both the variants are being done simultaneously in Gujarat, Odisha and Telangana.

Vivek Kumar Singh, Additional Chief Secretary of the department said, “This is a significant step in making the service of the department transparent and online.” In this work, the help of the latest technology is being taken. This will help reduce land disputes. With the implementation of this project, with the purchase and sale of land, the name will be changed and the land will also be converted into records. With the implementation of the new process of transformation, the new plot map in the cleansing letter is also obtained for the number of fourteen and the new numbers for writes. This will prevent fraud in the land business.

With the implementation of this system, the map of each village will be real time. No information can be hidden. The possibility of cheating the general public in the sale and purchase of land is eliminated.
-Ram Surat Kumar, Minister of Revenue