BJP leader’s statement on Dhananjay Munde woman accused of rape – trying to trap me since 2010

BJP leader Krishna Hegde on Thursday said that Maharashtra minister and NCP leader Dhananjay Munde has been harassing a woman accused of rape for many years. Former lawmaker Amboli has written to police saying that the accused woman has been trying to convict him since 2010. Hegde left the Congress and joined the BJP.

She claimed that the woman had similarly tried to involve another leader. Munde has already denied the woman’s allegation. Significantly, the BJP has demanded Munde’s resignation following the allegations of a 37-year-old woman. Hegde had been calling and texting the woman (Hegde) by different numbers, and this continued until 2015, but he clearly stated that he was not interested in meeting the woman.

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I was shocked after reading about the charges against Munde and so he said he went to the police. In the letter, he said, “This is a way to catch, trap, blackmail and extort money.

In a conversation with reporters, Hegde claimed the woman had tried to involve another leader. He said this is not a political issue for me. This has happened to Munday, may have happened to me, and to someone else in the future.

Serious allegations, decision of action soon: Pawar
At the same time, NCP chief Sharad Pawar said the allegations against Dhananjay Munde were serious and that the party would soon take action against them. Pawar told reporters that Munde, 45, met him on Wednesday and gave detailed information about the allegations. Having said that, I think the charges against him (Munde) are serious. In such a situation we will have to discuss this matter in the party. I discuss it with my key colleagues in detail and take them to confidence. Once their opinions are known, further steps will be taken. We will do this soon.