BJP reaches commission after complaining of TMC MLA Hamidul Rahman threatening to see it after election

The battle for political rhetoric in West Bengal has now reached the Election Commission. Trinamool Congress MLA Hamidul Rahman has threatened the Election Commission that the BJP has complained to the Election Commission. The party delegation reached the Election Commission office in New Delhi on Thursday evening. The Trinamool Congress lawmakers issued a statement on March 2, which has caused considerable controversy. Addressing the rally, he said: ‘Our ancestors were salt eaters. Don’t shame her. ‘

Also, Hamidul Rahman had threatened to see people who changed the party after the election. Hamidul Rahman said, ‘Our ancestors did not partake of the salt of those who eat salt. After the election we will meet someone who cheated on us. Play hob with unscrupulous people. We all want to see Didi again as our CM. Please state that the TMC has issued the announcement of Khela Hobey in West Bengal, the BJP has issued a Jai ​​Shri Ram in response.