BJP’s criticism of the academic year of students in a ‘babbling’ state

New Delhi: 10 lakh students in a “babbling” state were unnecessarily harassed. BJP MLA Ashish Shelar has accused him of playing games during his academic year. Shelar tweeted after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the final year exams. We were repeatedly talking about the dangers of this decision but .. ego …! Who listens Ma. The Supreme Court has finally given justice !, he said in a tweet.

As the Chancellor, I did not trust the Governor and the Vice-Chancellor. Rejected the opinion of education experts. The UGC did not agree. Not discussed in the cabinet. The students held on tight until the end. The ego hurt the students for so many months. What has been achieved? This question has been asked by Shelar.

UGC Exams Final Verdict: Final year students will be examined, a big decision of the Supreme Court

Maharashtra’s “Destroy Government” showed itself out of its own ego! But … student friends, don’t get exhausted … let’s face the situation with courage .. success will surely come to you … your future is bright, Shelar has also said.



Final year exams to be held – Supreme Court decision

The Supreme Court has given a big verdict on whether the final class examination of the university will be held or not. The date of the exam may change but the exam will not be canceled, the Supreme Court has ruled. The Supreme Court has sealed the UGC’s decision regarding the exams. According to the UGC’s July 6 guidelines, the exam was scheduled to be held by September 30. The court said the state government could postpone the date.

States unable to take the exam by September 30 should approach the UGC to postpone the exam, the court said. The court also said that if a state does not want to take the exam, it should discuss it with the UGC.


What is the role of the state government?

At present 7 lakh 34 thousand 516 students are studying in 14 public universities in the state. There are 2 lakh 83 thousand 937 students studying vocational courses. The state government has said that there will be no examinations for graduates, but the UGC was adamant on the examinations. The UGC has also issued guidelines for taking the exam by September 30. The governments of Maharashtra, Odisha and Delhi had filed a petition in the Supreme Court against it. Apart from this, some students and institutions including Aditya Thackeray had also run in the Supreme Court. Take it today. Ashok Bhushan, Justice. Subhash Reddy, Justice. MR Shah pronounced the verdict.


The university final year exams will be held in September as per the revised guidelines of UGC


What did the state and the UGC say?

At the hearing of this case, there was a strong argument as to whether the right to cancel the examination belongs to the State Disaster Management Authority. Because the Maharashtra government in its affidavit had said that the decision was taken by the State Disaster Management Agency considering the condition of the corona. UGC was saying that it is the right of UGC to graduate and take exams. The UGC also raised the issue of how the state can cancel the examination in its orbit and tell us to return the degree.

NEET-JEE Exam | Students want exams to be held: Ramesh Pokhriyal

Senior advocate Sham Diwan, Yash Dubey, student advocates Abhishek Manu Singhvi and Solicitor General Tushar Mehta represented UGC on behalf of Yuva Sena. The UGC had also submitted to the court statistics on how many universities in the country have agreed to take the exam and how many have started preparing for it. In such a time, the question of students’ health is important, all other questions are secondary.

The public system has not started, many students are stuck in their village. This is not just a question of students dropping out, but also of the elderly in their homes who are at risk of infection, the issues were raised by the lawyers. Last week, the apex court had rejected a petition seeking postponement of JEE and NEET exams.

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