Bothered by unwanted calls? Block any phone number like this

Sometimes we get repeated calls from some unknown number. Initially, even if we try to ignore the call, the last way to restrict the number remains. Sometimes the situation also arises when we need to restrict contact numbers. Today we are going to tell you how to restrict number on Android smartphone.

The method of restricting the phone number depends on your smartphone company and the Android version. On most phones, the number can be blocked by going to the phone app’s settings, recent calls, or a contact list. Here’s how:

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How To Block Numbers In Phone App
For this, you need to open the phone app of your Android phone. Go to the Recent Calls or Contacts tab and tap on the Options menu. Most options menu is usually in the form of a three-dotted icon. Here, go to the settings option and click on the blocked numbers. Here you will see an Add a number, enter the number and tap the block.

How to Block Numbers via Contact List
Open the Phone app and go to the Contacts tab. Now search for the connection you want to block. Click the three dots to open the settings. Here you will see the Block Number option. Click on it to block.

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How To Block Numbers On Samsung Galaxy Phone
Samsung phones are quite popular. You may also have a Samsung Galaxy phone in your hand at this time. To block its number, open the Phone app and go to the Reasons tab. Touch the number you want to block once. Now a few options come out below. Tap on the ‘I’ option in it. This opens the call details. Below you will see the Block option. Tap it to block the number.