Bothered by unwanted calls? No need for airplane mode, to get rid of it

We get upset by calls from telemarketing companies, but many times when we don’t even want to pick up the phone of a friend or relative. We don’t want to receive frequent phone calls when watching a movie, playing, or when our health is poor. Usually in this situation we enable the airplane mode provided on the smartphone.

Using Airplane Mode will turn off all contact with the phone. Calls to the smartphone cannot come, and the Internet stops. Therefore, using this mode does not always prove to be effective. In such a situation, you will not need to put your phone in flight mode and today we will tell you how to avoid incoming calls.

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Turn off incoming calls without this type of airplane mode
There are many ways to do this. But we’re telling you the easy way out.
– First go to the settings of your smartphone.
– Now tap on Call Forwarding option.
Here you will find three options – always forward, forward when busy, and forward when unanswered.

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– Tap the first option here.
– Enter the mobile number that is always locked now.
– Now tap the Activate button.
– It stops all calls coming to your number.
– When calls are needed again, turn off the call forwarding option.

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