Buying a subscription to this OTT platform is expensive from September 1, know how high the price is

Now we have just a few days to come, so we all need to know in advance what will be changing next month, September 1st. Today we are telling you about the subscription to the OTT Platform, which changes from September 1. In fact, Disney + Hotstar has been increasing its subscription fees since September 1. Now the company has discontinued Disney + Hot Star Whip’s Rs399 plan. Disney + Hot Star has just begun new projects. Disney + Hotstar now offers customers the choice of three new plans: Rs 499, Rs 899 and Rs 1,499 for these plans.

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Such stuff is available on Disney + Hotstar

This OTT platform is known for HBO and Showtime’s most beloved shows, including Game of Thrones and Westworld. Apart from these, App Disney has content with its partnerships with Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and 20th Generation Disney. In addition, the company has released 18 new Hotstar specials and Disney + Hotstar multiplex movies.

Disney + Hotstar Details
1) Disney + Hotstar’s Mobile Plan allows you to stream to a single device, and that too on a mobile. However, customers can enjoy the full content of Disney + Hotstar even if they recharge with a premium plan or a mobile plan. To recharge Disney + Hotstar’s mobile subscription, you have to pay Rs 499. Let us tell you that Disney + Hotstar’s VIP subscription price is Rs 399, so the subscription base price is higher.

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2) The second project is named “Super”. After recharging with this plan, you can run Disney + Hotstar App on both phones. Quality HD and 4K will not be available to subscribers. The price of this subscription plan is Rs.

3) Disney + Hotstar’s third project costs Rs 1,499. With this project, users can run this app on 4 screens and they will be able to stream content in 4K. 1,499 per annum for a premium subscription.

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