Can eating rice during the cold and cough be harmful? Let’s find out

This question often haunts those who like to eat rice rather than bread. The risk of cold, cold, cough and many viral problems is high. Therefore, it is necessary to take special care of your diet these days. But when people often have problems with cold and cough, one question haunts them is, is it healthy to eat rice in cold and cough? If you have the same confusion, let’s find out how much truth there is in this idea.

Eating rice in the cold is said to cause kapha

It is often heard that the consumption of rice causes sputum in the winter. Sputum and cough caused by rice can weaken the body. This is why many experts recommend not eating rice in the cold.

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Mucus making properties in rice

According to naturopathy and Ayurvedic science, rice has mucus-forming properties. Just like banana is capable of making mucus, rice also cools your body temperature. This is why it is advisable to eat hot or drink hot drinks when you are suffering from common cold and cough.

Cold or old rice cools the body

However, some experts believe that only cold or old rice can help cool the body. When the body is struggling to heat up in the event of a cold or cough, consuming cold or old rice can interfere with the healing process. Therefore, one should avoid consuming cold or old cooked rice.

Now the question arises whether you should eat rice in cold or cold

This is rare when doctors recommend avoiding rice because the rice is cold and has mucus-forming properties. So in this case it will increase your cold-cough problem. It weakens our immunity. In case of cold-cough and any kind of throat infection, doctors advise you to avoid rice, yogurt, spicy foods, bananas, etc.

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