Capricorn 2021: Sesame-jerky laddu and kite-like success in life, congratulations to the people of Capricorn with these messages

Capricorn will be celebrated tomorrow for donation and bathing. On Capricorn, everyone donates according to their ability and bathes in the holy rivers. Surya Uttarayana is from this day. Surya Uttarayana ends the karmas and the time of auspicious work begins. Everyone congratulates their loved ones on this occasion. Why should you stay behind? In this case, you also congratulate your people on Capricorn.

This year you get the sweetness of life like a sesame.
Success in life as a kite
Happy You Dead Solstice

makar sankranti 2021
makar sankranti 2021

It doesn’t rain without clouds,
The day doesn’t start without the sun
Capricorn wishes on this auspicious day of the sun

We have sesame seeds and you jaggery,
If you’re sweet and sweet,
The beginning of the first festival of the year
Happy Capricorn