CBSE 10th Result 2021: Learn 10 Things of CBSE Class 10 Result and Evaluation Policy

CBSE 10th Result 2021: Central Board of Secondary Education Board yesterday announced the release date of the results of Internal Assessment Policy for 10th standard students. This is news of relief for thousands of CBSE students who do not attend the pre-board or term exam / unit exam. According to the CBSE, in schools that do not conduct pre-board exams, the teachers’ committee for the results will determine the student’s assessment based on previous tests. This assessment policy of the CBSE can also be viewed on the website. In addition, CBSE has issued a number of important suggestions, which can be further understood in 10

10 points of CBSE Result & Evaluation Policy:
CBSE Board 10th Class Result will be published on 20th June.

2- Schools are required to upload their students’ internal assessment marks on the CBSE portal by June 11.

3- As an internal assessment, students are given a maximum of 20 points out of a total of 100 points for each subject.

4 to 80 marks will be awarded in each subject based on examinations such as intermediate, pre-board and unit test. 10 marks for unit test, 30 marks for mid term and 40 points for pre-board examination.

5- Students who are not satisfied with this result will be allowed to attend the exam once the situation is normal.

6- To prepare the results in the school, the School Principals and 7 Teacher Outcomes Committee will be formed. It will have two teachers from another school.

7- 2500-2500 / – and Rs.

8- The School Committee determines the outcome of CBSE schools that do not have pre-board or intermediate exams.

About 18 lakh students take the CBSE Class 10 exam each year. Some papers were also canceled last year, after which the results were produced with the help of an internal evaluation. In 2020, 91.46 per cent of CBSE 10 students are successful.

10- This year (2021) 10th examinations were proposed to be held from May 4 to June 7, 2021.

CBSE 10th Class Result Policy Notification