CBSE 10th Result 2021: Tenth Result of 7707 Teachers to Be Prepared in Bihar, Assessed by June 5

This time all teachers of the school are not busy preparing the CBSE 10th result. Only one teacher evaluates the subject. Talk about Bihar in the Patna region, the results of the 10th board are prepared by seven thousand 707 teachers in the state. Speaking of Jharkhand, 3577 teachers collectively prepare the tenth board result.

If the Patna Regional Office is to be trusted, not all teachers of the board result. PGT teachers will be given first chance. Please tell me that after the CBSE assessment every year after the exam. All teachers of CBSE schools were involved in the evaluation. But the board has canceled the test due to a corona infection. Now only a subject assessment needs to be done. In such a situation, some teachers are selected from each school. If the board believes, every teacher is monitored.

The list goes to the board
The board has requested a list of all teachers included in the results committee from all schools. Schools should send a list of learners to the board until May 5. In this, name, qualification, reason for selection in the committee, reason for experience in education, experience in education etc.

Valuation through June 5th

The outcome committee will be formed on May 5 and the evaluation work will begin later. Schools must complete the assessment by June 5. The assessment work will begin at each school from May 15. This issue needs to be uploaded on May 20th. CBSE has to submit its results by June 5.

Issue does not improve after upload

According to the board, the scores should be uploaded online after the evaluation. For this, each school will be given a link by the board. After opening this link, a format is found. It should upload the marks according to the roll number and name of the subject students. Once the issue is uploaded, it cannot be improved. Teachers are advised to use this carefully.

The date does not go on

The Board has instructed all schools to complete the works within the stipulated date. There will be no change in the due date, nor will the date go forward. This time it will be evaluated, ”said Sanjay Bharadwaj, the test controller. One teacher will be appointed in each school. Teachers will be monitored. Action will be taken when a teacher is caught in a random investigation.