Celebrate something like this during the Corona era, express your gratitude towards the teacher

Teachers’ Day is the day when students show their gratitude towards their teachers, take their gratitude from them and thank them by giving them many gifts. Every year on 5 September, Teachers’ Day is celebrated with joy in every school and on this day, the teachers along with the students are happy.

But this time the corona epidemic has taken away all our happiness. Due to this we are not able to celebrate any festival properly nor any celebration. There is an atmosphere of fear everywhere. So now its dark shadow is falling on Teacher’s Day too.

God’s status given to Guru  

In our Indian culture, Guru is given the status of God and there is no one higher than God. The teacher, the teacher, educates us and explains the importance of everything in the world. What makes us worthy is that we can face everything. That’s why Teacher’s Day is celebrated to honor the teacher. 

Shadow of corona on teachers day

Teacher’s Day shows the importance of the teacher. On this day the happiness of children skyrockets. At present, only two days are left for Teachers’ Day. The importance of the happiness of this day is well known to students studying in schools. They prepare this day in advance. Children prepare presentations, gifts and speeches to show their love and respect for their teachers. Painting is also done in various ways, but in this Corona period all schools and colleges are closed.
Corona disease has affected all institutions. 

Studying online

It is not that educational institutions are completely closed and teachers have forgotten their obligation. These teachers are fulfilling their responsibilities by teaching online. Schools and universities are imparting online education everywhere. All are teaching as per their convenience through Google Meet, zoom app, YouTube and other mediums but all children are worried about how to celebrate Teachers Day on September 5 this year.

Such teacher’s day will be celebrated online

This time, Teachers’ Day will also be celebrated online. Students will make a card for the teacher’s name and post a selfie with social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If more than one teacher’s name has to be posted, then they will do different posts. Our teacher our heroes, teachers from India hashtag will be posted. School-colleges are closed during the Corona period. In such a situation, Teachers’ Day will be celebrated online.

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