Chance-E-Event: Sapna Choudhary with Manoj Tiwari and Ravi Kishan is going to explode on the small screen, know when the show will start

After making people crazy with her dancing and songs, Sapna Chaudhary will be appearing in a different style on the small screen. Ravi Kishan and Manoj Tiwari will join the Bhojpuri cinema. This is the reason why fans are interested in the Starcast crime series ‘Mausam-e-Verdat’.

Raviraj Creations, Hemanth Prabhu Studios, A&I Productions and Spacewalker Films’ Mauka-e-Wardhat will premiere on A&TV at 7 pm on March 9, 2021 and will air every Monday to Friday. Set against the backdrop of real places, ‘Mauka-e-Verdhat’ includes the incredible and gin-free crimes and their method and execution in different stories.

Speaking on the show, Vishnu Shankar, business head of E&T, said: “Crime shows are always fascinating because the audience vibe is always on the secret of who did it and what’s behind it.

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Manoj Tiwari said, “I am very excited to be a part of this show. Crime is a horrible and often disturbing part of life. When crime happens, everyone is shocked and everyone is very curious. -The publication is one step ahead and they are going to expose some mysterious erious crimes beyond belief.

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Ravi Kishan said of the show, “We read or hear a lot of crime stories around us every day. There is no doubt that these incidents are disturbing. But there are some that shake your mind and you are forced to think about how such a heinous crime was committed. The concept of crime is completely new and different. ”

One of the things I found most different in ‘Mauka-e-Verdhat’ is that the story of the show is drawn from the perspective of a female leader, ”said Sapna Chaudhary. This female protagonist unravels the mystery of the gin’s inaccessible crimes, which is the hallmark of the show and it’s a show the audience can watch.