Changes in schedule of Olympic torch relay due to increasing number of Covid-19 cases in Japan

The Tokyo Olympic torch relay schedule has changed due to the ever-increasing number of corona cases in Japan. Because of the Kovid-19, the relay is scheduled to be canceled by Miyakojima on Sunday morning. However, the remaining stages will continue as per schedule. The torch relay started six weeks ago and will be attended by about 10,000 runners.

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The torch relay was supposed to pass through the South Island of Okinawa this weekend. “We don’t want anyone to come here from the island. It’s a question of human life,” a teacher from Miyakojima told the Associated Press. It is organized almost on schedule, except for Kovid-19-affected Osaka and Matsuyama City. In addition, 225 players from 46 countries are participating in the six-day swim test in Tokyo. But, the audience is not allowed to come into it. Kyodo, referring to the Japanese swimming union, said the Kovid-19 was found to be positive after the Egyptian team’s coach reached Japan, but other members were negative in the investigation.