Chatting with the wife of Rowdy Bombay Salim in Bangalore – the horrific murder of a young man

Chikballapur: Six months after the fact that the young man had been murdered in Bangalore, the infamous Rowdy Bombay Saleem had a chat with his wife.

Now that the accused has been found in connection with the case on March 15, the accused is believed to have murdered Prithviraj, a youth from Bombay Salim Uttar Pradesh. Bombay Salim, who was involved in the case, is already in jail at the Tallaghtapur police station in the Babu murder case. Narayanaswamy, Chetan Kumar, Vinod, Balachandra Ranna, Bagepalli, Bogapalli and others have been arrested.

What happened to murder?
Prithviraj, a young man from Uttar Pradesh, was working in the Peenya Industrial Area of ​​Bangalore. This time Bombay Salim was in jail. He was chatting with his wife Sakina Prithviraj. Salim, who got out of jail, noticed this and inquired with his wife. Then he called Prithviraj through his wife Sakina on March 15 and told Prithviraj that he had come to Chikkaballapur with a driver in his car.

Prithviraj heard Sakina talk and climbed into a car on Chikkaballapur Highway and put his hand on Sakina. However, Sakheena’s husband, Bombay Salim, had arrived in the same car as the driver. Prithviraj did not know this. Bombay Salim sent his wife back with her four companions in Baghepalli, as planned earlier. He was murdered by dragons and marauders on the night of March 15 in a deserted area near Chitravati Dam.

On the morning of March 16, Bagepalli, who visited the site of the incident, inspected the then SP SP Jahnvi and registered a case. The name and address of the deceased were not known, except for the marks on the deceased young man’s tattoo, Guru Preet. Thus, the case has not been resolved for the last six months. It was also challenging for the police.

How is the murder mystery revealed?
Bombay Salim Anna Where’s Anna Bale, Ilva? What Bombay Salim has spoken about. At the same time we came to Bachav, saying that he was not caught up in the murder. When the police learned of this, the CPI brought it to the notice and seized the two and inquired about the murder.

Bombay Salim is currently involved in the Babu murder case of Talghattapur police station. Narayanaswamy, Chetan Kumar, Vinod, Balachandra Ranna, Bagepalli, Bogapalli and others have been arrested. On the other hand, Bombay Salim’s wife, Sakina, has been summoned to investigate the murder. Though the young man was dead for six months, the family had no information. He complained about the missing.


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