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Chayce beckham Release Date and Time, Cast Details

Song Name Chayce beckham by 23
Original Song Chayce beckham
Singer Chayce beckham
Producer Ross Copperman & Redah
Category Entertainment
Genre Song
Release Date May 14, 2021

Chayce beckham-Full Lyrics

Simple as my mama said when I was very young
She told me not to worry, son !
One day you’ll be someone
But here I am at twenty one !
As loaded as a stagecoach shotgun
I’m sorry mamma
Please don’t look at me !

When I got to Oklahoma, I was seventeen
My papa taught me how to work, and lord, he was mean !
Workin’ all day in that August heat
And he taught me how to fish !
My uncle taught me how to drink

Well, I went California and I had me a band
And we played in all the bars in all the Southern lands !
We played all night and we drank for free
All of my boys and me !

Now I’m 23 and therе ain’t nobody who can drink like me
Soon I’ll be 24, and thе Lord knows that I can’t drink no more !
I know I shoulda taken it slow
It’s not the way that my life goes !
Now I know
When you’re passed out on the floor !
You’re sober by 24


Credit: genius

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