Children tease the school because of Alexa’s name, and parents made this request to Amazon

The opportunity to name a child to any parent is very special. When naming their daughters Alexa, their parents didn’t think this name would be a big problem for their daughters. Yes, since Amazon’s Virtual Assistant Alexa arrived, these girls have been facing bullying. The parents of these girls have asked Amazon to change their virtual assistant name.

Amazon’s Virtual Assistant, which came out in 2014, is now making life difficult for these girls. There are many people who are enjoying this new technology but the life of many girls is difficult because of this. In fact, the mothers of girls named Alexa say that people tease their bows and mock their name. Parents of daughters named Alexa have asked Amazon to change their virtual assistant name.

The kids were having fun at school

Alexa girls are said to be harassed at school because they are named after Amazon’s virtual assistant. All this has had a major impact on the girls’ mental health and their confidence is hurting. The mother has also changed the daughter’s name for this reason. Even schools cannot help parents in this regard. The BBC report states that people call Alexa’s name out loud and then command. Just like they do with Amazon’s Virtual Assistant.

The mother described her daughter’s grief, saying: “She didn’t introduce herself for fear of being mocked. It would have been different if she was older. But she was just a child. It was very wrong.”

Amazon response

Parents now want to consider renamed Amazon its voice assistant. However, responding to the controversy, Amazon said it has designed its virtual assistant to reflect people’s qualities. Amazon has said that it is bored by all these experiences and wants to make it clear that no form of bullying is acceptable and we condemn it.

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