China begins to flirt with hostility, speaks to US – remove ban from business

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi called on the US on Monday to lift the ban on trade and public relations. In Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet, China has regarded the ban as an unnecessary intervention by the US. Wang’s statement on US-China relations came from the Foreign Ministry forum, at a time when US President Joe Biden’s administration is pushing for China to withdraw its face-to-face actions by Donald Trump.

These include complaints relating to trade and technology that prompted Trump to increase taxes on goods imported from China in 2017 or to ban Chinese technology companies’ exchange and educational programs. Trump extended military and diplomatic relations with Taiwan, which China calls its territory. Trump has banned Chinese officials in Xinjiang, accusing them of atrocities against Muslim minorities and hampering independence in Hong Kong.

Wong told diplomats, experts and journalists at the landing forum, “We know that the new US administration is reviewing and assessing its foreign policy, so we expect US policymakers to be on time, look at the world, abandon partisan sentiment, do not take unnecessary suspicion and China-US President Biden has emphasized on improving relations with China and softening US diplomacy, though it is not clear whether he will make any changes in US policy towards China.