Chithi 21th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sewandhi tries to convince himself in vain

Chithi 21th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sewandhi tries to convince himself in vain

Yazini recalls asking if Sarada could call her mother when the serial would begin. Wenba asks Sevandi how serious Sarada is about the seriousness of this issue and Yadini’s marriage. She asks Kavin to persuade her to marry Yazi because he never wants to.

Sewandhi tries to convince himself in vain. Wenba goes on to say that marriages are decided in heaven. Ravi asks Wenba and Sewandhi. Ravi and Sewandhi then discuss how they send Wenba to London, who disagrees with Kavin’s plan.

Sevandhi says that if she doesn’t agree, they will kidnap her. Mallika was speaking on a phone call. She collides with the waiter, she pours juice on her dress. Mallika scolds him and walks away. The waiter picks up the tray down and walks away. The letter written by Kavin is left there.

Gauri takes Mallika aside and warns Yaji not to talk to Sharada, but now Sharada is acting like her daughter’s wedding, doing all the Marriage rituals standing in the first row. Gauri complains that even Mallika does not stop Sharada and Yajini keeps calling Sharada Amma. Mallika says she does not like all this but is patient because she does not want to create any problems in her son’s marriage.

Gauri says he doesn’t like what’s going on. Mallika says Sharada will end the marriage. Gauri says he cannot understand his silence. Mallika says that there is a reason behind her every action and asks her to believe. Mallika then shares her frustration with religion. She says she will show Sarada who Mallika is after her son’s wedding.

The Sharda family goes on to congratulate Yazini and Kavin who do not like Gauri and Mallika. Sarada admires Yazini who is happy to have attended all her wedding ceremonies. Nandini indirectly yells at Yazini to keep him safe because Kavin is beautiful and the girl is waiting for him to snatch him. Wenba gives Nandini a fitting answer that if Ya Zhini keeps him close to his heart, no one can snatch him away from her. Yazini says Wenba learned to speak.

The warrior minds that Kavin is telling the truth. Sharda is looking for a family photo to take. Then Shanmugam arrives with his two sons. Dharma sends Mallika to bring something so that she does not see Dharmamuga. Shanmugam says he is happy to see Yajini happy. They all take a picture together.

Nandini is wandering the corridors. She looks at Kavin’s letter. She tries to pick it up, but the wind blew it. The letter falls at Mallika’s feet, they pick it up. Mallika reads the letter with a shocking expression. Nandini says she has done something big in the letter and apologizes for not informing her. Mallika says this is a simple love letter written by Kavin for Yavin. She read it unknowingly.

She tells her to give it to Yajini. Mallika gives Yazini a letter saying she has found it on the ground. Yajini apologizes for asking Gauri not to stop her before reading it and telling her that she feels bad for Kavin. Mallika then leaves, asking to read the letter. Give Gauri a letter from Yajini and save it in her room. Ravi gives Ravi money, which is observed by Dharma upstairs.