Chithi 5 December 2020 Written Update: Mallika meeting with the chief doctor

Mallika meeting with the chief doctor, who says she has to undergo surgery since Kevin’s condition is serious. Religion asks you to try all possible means to save Kavin. Doctors say that Kevin’s brain nerves are damaged and are less likely to save Cullin, which would shock Mallika, Yazini and religion.

Mallika asks the doctor to save Kavin at no cost. Doctors are asked to pray to God. Ravi asks everything. Ravi phones are serviceable. He informs Cavin about his operation. He says doctors are telling him that it is difficult to save Kavin. He asks God to pray. Servant tells Wenba. The latter will hear the same. She tells Sevandi that she wants to meet Kavin before the operation. Sevandhi asks how she can meet Kavin because Mallika is there. Wenba says that if something happens to Kevin, he will die. Nandini and Devanagi, who go by that side, ask Wenba.

They begin to listen to their conversation. Sevandi scolds Wenba for refusing to run away with Kevin to London. Wenba says he can go against Sharda’s promise to Yi Zhini. Nandini and shocked as Deva. He says he was right about Wenba and Kavin. Wenba requests Sewandee’s help to meet Kavin. The servant says that if she confessed her love to Kevin, he would find a solution. Wenba appeals to Kavin to find a way to meet him, but the servant says he can do nothing more than pray to God.

At that time a woman comes to her house asking for money. The woman says her husband is not good, and a woman advised him to practice Madipichai and put the money in a charity box at the Batra Amman Temple. Wenba asks her to go to the temple with him as she wants to ask Madipichai to save Kavin’s life. Sevandi asks Wenba why she is acting as Kavin’s wife. Wenba cried silently as she remembered Kavin marrying her in the temple.

At the hospital, Mallika smiles and watches TV news about her case. Religion gets there with a lawyer. Mallika says that Sarada has a misconception that if she complains, she will spend her entire life in jail.

Then Mallika says that all she needs now is Kevin’s recovery. The Dadi informs her that Mallika’s doctor is calling them. Doctors tell Mallika that the operation should be done as soon as possible.

Only after the operation can they say anything. Mallika cries. Religion tries to appease her. Yaazini and Gauri meet with the doctor and ask about Kavin’s operation. Gauri asks if Kavin is healthy, and doctors say he can’t say anything now. Yazini cries. A woman sees Yajini crying. She asks what happened. Yazini says her husband is in serious condition and she is scared. She instructs Ya’zin to go to the temple of Amman to bathe and hold a fire pitcher praying to Goddess.