Chithi 7 December 2020 Written Update: Wenba prays to Goddess Kavin to recover

Chithi 7 December 2020 Written Update: Wenba prays to Goddess Kavin to recover

The serial begins with praying to Goddess Sharada. She remembers Yazini’s hateful speech. Sharda says Yadini is her daughter and she only wants her reform. She never thinks about ruining her life. She can’t understand why. She asks Goddess to help prove her innocence in front of Yajini. Shanmugam asks if she has finished quarreling with God. He promises that even the God who gives the problem will provide the solution.

Yajini comes to the same temple. She tells the pastor to take a fire pot in the hands of Kevin and a woman. The priest asks her to bring a lamp so she can perform the ritual. He adds that he finds a man who can help her. Then Wenba comes to the same temple with Wenba to make Aslo Madipichi. Sevandhi says what if someone sees her. When Cavin’s life is in danger, Wenba says she can’t think of all this. The servant says she was lying to all those who hid her love.

Wenba admits that. She tells him that he told her because she knows he won’t judge her. Then they discuss how to do the ritual. This celebration should be done by Kavin’s wife but she does. Wenba looks sad. Sewandhi says that she just has to do the ritual to get all the blessings.

Yajini is coming with a lamp. As she sets out to fall, Sharda holds her. Yajini removed Sharda’s hand. She talks rudely to Sharada and scolds her. Sharda tries to explain to her in vain. Yazini says she regrets calling her mother. She is not her mother and she can never be her mother because she does not deserve that place.

The pastor looking at everything had to thank Sharda Ya Zhin for saving the lamp from falling on her but instead she spoke to her. Shanmugam consoles Sarada. He says that a Yajini realizes her mistake and apologizes to her. Sharda asks when the day will come. They say it will be soon.

Wenba tells the priest about Kavin and her desire to fold him to save him. Shanmugam and Sharda are traveling by car. They discuss Yajini. Sarada worries that Yajini has come to the temple alone. In the temple, Yajini catches the fire vessel and walks around the temple.

Wenba prays to Goddess Kavin to recover. Wenba begins to listen to Madipichai Ritual. A woman in the shop for Madipichai is saying that her darling is not good. Nandini, who is going beside that moment, notices Wenba.