Choti Sardarni 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update, Choti Sardarni Upcoming Story

Choti Sardarni Serial 3rd May 2021 Written Episode and Written Updates on

Choti Sardarni 3 May 2021 Written Update

In the upcoming episode of Chhoti Sardarni, you are going to see where 200 Sarabjit, who is doing anything, closes the bangle and takes entry into the house and all the ladies are there, they see bangles in his hand only then Sarabjit who is friends has meher here The man starts teasing bangles after giving him bangles, then the palace becomes suspicious of Sarabjit and she realizes that there is no one else but Sarabjit in this debate, on the other hand, Robari and all the boys who are friends participate in it because they are fiercely Beating was beaten last time and that’s why he thinks that now it is better to get out of here only to kill Sarabjeet, friends Ladies stand there with poles in their hands and do not think that as soon as Sarabjeet arrives, he will be beaten too. But all those victories would come out of your over smart very smart and they enter in a very smart way only when Soumya who is 200 here takes them inside, only then Sarabjit can see Maihar with his hand first or see it. Do two hundred mehr which is laughing and Sarabjit gives bangles with great love, let me tell you on the other side.

Give me whatever it is that speaks to Sarabjeet that it seems you had a great interest in eating poles today, Sarabjit ji, then you have come here on your own, then here Sarabjit, Chita Sonia, your poles will eat anything. Two so sorry so sorry she is saying that I will not let you eat message eggs Sarabjit ji and Sarabjeet who is who he is, I love to hold Meher’s hand here and start bringing me with bangles and he speaks with meher. Laila dies on politics, but only Meher, who is in Mehra’s hand, is giving bangles in his hand, which is Sarabjit and Meher falls on the bed and both friends are seen in a very romantic pose, on the other side, everyone says in friends that you go Sir Ji Otherwise, you will also take care of yourself, if only the women speak from outside, which Kulwant Kaur starts suspecting here, and she comes knocking on the door of Maihar, then open the door only, then let me tell you that every one speaks outside the door People all speak half and Kulwant Kaur gets suspicious and Meher quickly opens the door, Jawai Bapu will not be saved today, let us tell you on the other side.

Mummy ji is scared and there is no one inside who tries to do all the patels here, but let me tell you that at the moment Sharad ji is whatever Mehar is in any way by doing a basic romance with him here. Tries to go from here only then tell you friends, there is harm, so Sarabjit will be taken out from there so that Sarabjit has to kill brother 920 and all three of them were killed a lot but brother, Sharad ji who is here, he will go out So that they do not be a bitch, it will be interesting to avoid any way, all will be interesting to see in the upcoming episodes and if something new is coming, Thank You,

Choti Sardarni 3 May 2021 Upcoming Story

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