Choti Sardarni 5th December 2020 Written Episode Update

Choti Sardarni 5th December 2020 Written Episode Update

Sarab says his father’s name is Manav Sharma. Seema looks at Manav. He asks her not to say anything. When we know that Manv is dead, Sarab says we have hidden this fact. But now Manav is back. He is asking for custody of his child. We wanted to tell everyone before anyone could take advantage of this situation. Harleen says turn off the TV. I have told him many times that this child is someone else’s sin.

Send him away. He will blame us. Aditi says there is nothing wrong with all this. Meher loved Manav. I am proud of my brother and SIL. Everyone has a past. There is nothing wrong with this. Harleen shouts that this is totally wrong. Sarab made a big mistake today. Our family name is spoiled. Seema looks at Manav. Harleen says Sarab had to talk to me before doing all this. If I knew he would do this, I wouldn’t leave him. She sits and cries.

The reporter says but next month we have an election in Punjab. What’s the connection? The reporter says you may be doing this to gain sympathy and votes. If you think I am doing this to get votes, I assure you that I will not contest these elections.

Comes Kulwant. Sarab says I will resign as president of my Punjab brigade. Everyone is shocked. Reporters say how can you do that? Kulwant says this snake child has ruined many things. Sarab is ruining his career.

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