Choti Sardarni 7th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Pathak calls Aditi

Choti Sardarni 7th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Pathak calls Aditi

Scene 1 Manav says a man like you can never understand the pain of another person. I knew how much pain he had to deal with. It hurt me a lot but you can never understand Father’s pain because I want to give him a better tomorrow.

Mehr says I am disgusted by you. I thought you were the ones who lost things in the hands of fate. But listen to my decision, Karan will be with us. Manav says I will see you in court and hear the decision of the judge. Sarab says God’s decision is better than any other judge’s.

Harleen comes to him. His friend’s mother comes over and tells him you won’t play here again. Cried Param. Harleen says don’t cry Param. Your family is not bad. Cried Param. He says that not all of my friends want to play with me. Harleen says I will fix everything. All your friends play with you.

People protest outside Meher and Sarab’s car. They park their car. Sarab comes out. Harleen keeps getting calls. Come home to Sarab Adn Mehr. Harleen says you ended it all. Sarab says nothing is over. Harleen says who is Manav? Who is Karan’s real father? Says Sarab Vikram Diwan. Harleen is shocked. Sarab says listen to me once.

Have you thought before calling this press conference and ruining our family name? You can even think about when you resign. When you realize that you are Vikram Manav you can think. Meher you didn’t tell me? Mehr says we don’t want to hurt you. We thought we would handle it and let you know at the right time. Harleen says this is the right time? Everyone is protesting against us. Param was crying. His friends are not playing with him. Sarab says go to the room with Meher ji Param.

Harleen how do you answer Goody? She’s looking for a chunri girl, are you wife Meher? Sarab says their relationship is over. Meher comes into the room. They say it’s your favorite sandwich. Param is sad. Meher says why are you mourning. My family would say that our family is not good and Karan is not my real brother, ”says Param. Mehr says Karan is your real brother. God made you brothers, no matter what anyone says.

Harleen says I knew the day would come when people would question Karan. We can fix the future. Let’s give Karan to Vikram Diwan. We can understand the goodie. What does Sarab say? It will never happen again. We are fighting this to keep Karan. I did this press conference to keep Karan. Calling Aditi Sarab. Where does Aditi say you are? I was worried for you. Sarab says I want to talk to you. Aditi says I am in the hospital. Sarab says we are getting there.

Sarab comes into the room. Mehr slept with the children. Sarab kisses her forehead. Sarab says we are going to talk to Aditi. Meher says I’m coming too. Sarab says we can handle it. Meher Asis I have to go. Somehow I am responsible for it. Don’t blame yourself, Sarab says. Believe me. I understand her.

Scene 2
Calling Devika Manav. They say I got your plan. We must make Aditi go against Sarab. I’m fine with her. But she will never go against Sarab. Devika says you will win the case easily if you do so.

Pathak’s person says that the Income Tax Team is after you and Sarab has opened many cases for you. He says my resignation is here. Sarab calls Pathak and says that this is just the beginning. You have harmed my son. I make myself feel the same pain every day. Sarab says I will not leave anyone.

Pricap-Pathak calls Aditi and says look at the report I am sending you. What report does Aditi say? She looks at the phone and looks at the DNA report. Aditi angrily comes to Meher and knives her throat. Aditi says you ruined my life.

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