Choti Sardarni 8th December 2020 Meher in danger Today Written Update

Choti Sardarni Meher in danger 8th December 2020 Today Written Update Pathak informs Aditi about Vikram and Karan’s blood relationship. He claims to be Vikram Karan’s real father. Aditi’s DNA reports cannot be trusted. She shreds from the truth. Pathak takes revenge on Sarabjit.

He tells Sarabjit that he will lose his whole family. Sarabjeet and Harleen meet Adi to tell the matter. Aditi is more upset. She says someone called her and told her about Sarabjit’s big cheat. She says she considers him the best brother, but he has stabbed her trust. She tells him that she is not her brother now. Sarabjeet worries about her asthma. Aditi claims that he cheated on her and lost the rights to keep any rules with her.

She says she lost her family because of Meher. She does not love the family that cheated. She falls down. Sarabjit and Harleen worry for Aditi. Aditi does not take his help. They try to figure out the thing that upset her. Aditi asks the reason for hiding the big truth. Aditi feels her own family is her enemy. She says Sarabjeet was always making a play to show love to her, relationships are just a pretext.

She feels Sarabjit has ruined her life by breaking her faith. She angrily cursed him for never finding happiness in his life. Sarabjeet tells Meher that someone has already told the truth to Aditi. Mehir asks to be with Aditi. She feels guilty again. She apologizes to Sarabjeet. They say nothing has changed for them, they win Aditi back by explaining their situation.

He asks her to give Aditi some time. She gets into a dilemma. She faces reality. She fears Adeev will ruin her life by separating from Manav. She does not want to leave her family and run away as cowards, but she does not see Sarabjeet becoming defamatory. She refuses to leave Sarabjit and family. She knows the family is suffering because of her.

She does not want to leave them in a sad moment when she causes it. She breaks down when her guilt is too high to handle. She regrets Sarabjit. She cannot see Sarabjit, whom Aditi alleges. She regrets that her past threatened her present. She cries and hugs Param and Karan. Aditi realized why she called Vikram Karan special. She thinks that Karan is the son of Vikram, which is a symbol of his love for Mehr. She manages the patient. She loses her focus. She imagines Vikram and Mehr.

She successfully completes the operation. She thinks Sarabjeet has cheated on her. She doesn’t want to forgive Mehr. She is dizzy with stress. She struggles in Operation Theater. The co-surgeon outlines Aditi in the event of neglect. She works on Pathak’s orders to ruin Aditi’s medical career. Harleen calls Robbie to find out where he is. Robbie realizes Sarabjit didn’t say anything to Harleen. He lied to her about his important meeting. Harleen tells Sarabjit about Robbie’s visit. Sarabjit reveals to her Rabbi’s lie.

Because Robbie helped Vikram to get Karan’s DNA sample, he joined Pathak to blackmail Robbie. Harleen apologizes to him. She hopes her husband will never change. Meher reaches there to meet Aditi. Harleen asks Mehr not to create a ruckus and walk away. Meher wants Aditi to explain the past. They learn that Aditi left the hospital because of her mistake and was suspended.

Aditi was negligent and endangered the patient’s life. Aditi is innocent in the case, but is suffering. She feels frustrated with her life. She ignores Vikram’s call. Sarabjeet feels that Aditi has made this mistake due to her emotional stress. Mehr worries for Aditi. He does not want Aditi to harm himself

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