Choti Sardarni 9th December 2020 Written Update Huge twists

Choti Sardarni 9th December 2020 Written Update Huge twists  – threatens to kill Aditi Mehr. She goes crazy over Mehr. Sarabjit and Harleen ask Adi to leave Mehr. She says she was dying to know about Vikram’s lover, she requested Mehr, but Mehr didn’t tell the truth. She says Meher has ruined her life, which deserves guilt and punishment.

Sarabjit begs Aditi to leave his wife. Aditi says she takes Mehr’s life. Meher sees blood in Adir’s eyes. She prevented Aditi from offending her. She makes Aditi scold.Harleen condemns Adi for trying to kill Mehr. Mehr tells Harleen that Aditi is shocked by her truth. She apologizes to Aditi. She tells Aditi that she has nothing to do with Vikram, Mehr of Manav is now dead, Manav is also dead.

Aditi says that Vikram is still Manav. Mehr does not think he has feelings like Manav. She says her past has returned to ruin her present, which is out of her control. She wants Aditi to trust her. Sarabjeet comforts Mehr. Mehir wants to tell Aditi the absolute truth. She tries to explain to Aditi the situation of her life.

She says she does not want to see Aditi hurt and has kept the matter a secret. Aditi says she is still in pain. She asks Meher if she will save Vikram’s child. She feels she has nothing in her life. She doesn’t want to trust Mehr again. She was angry to hurt Meher. Sarabjit and Harleen try to stop her madness.

She could sense her pain. Aditi curses herself that her life has never been happy. She thinks she has lost her happiness for a moment because of Meher. He explains that his life has caused problems.

Aditi breaks up with Sarabjeet and Mehr. Sarabjeet is shattered by his decision. Aditi saves Mehr’s life and leaves. Sarabjit and Harleen cried for their sister. Manav is waiting for Aditi at home. Aditi sighed angrily.

She knows the whole truth. She smirked at him in reply. She tells him that she knows Mehr and his truth. She wants to know why he cheated on her. Sarabjeet assures Meher that he will understand Aditi some day and return to him.

He says Aditi is not wrong, she suffered a lot of trouble in a single day. She wonders how Aditi made such a big mistake in surgery. He does not know that Pathak is behind the conspiracy. Pathak ruined Aditi’s medical proposal. Robbie wants to know why the Pathak family was targeted for revenge on Sarabjit.

Pathak wants to make Sarabjit suffer emotionally so that he breaks down. Aditi tells Vikram that she will go crazy if she doesn’t get her answers.

Manav regrets breaking her heart. Aditi confronts him for lying to her about his reality. Rana is disturbed that his wives are in the lockup. Kulwant reaches the police station to rescue his bahus and sons. They want to know their crime. Ginny reveals about the fight in the market due to some Eve teasers.

They say men are giving bad comments about Mehr. Kulwant scolds the Inspector for not arresting the wicked and puts her innocent Bahus in the lockup. Inspector Kulwant is also arrested. Kulavant is sure that even this time Vikram will not help him.

Manav tells Aditi that he did not tell her the truth because he did not want to lose her. He tells her that he is Manav Sharma, he was cheated out of life while he was in love, he was stabbed and killed, his fate was unfair to him. He wants Aditi to understand her. Aditi wants to leave her. Sarabjit and Mehr fail to disturb the sleep too much. Aditi and Vikram have the same state of mind.

Manav wants to do well with Adeev for Karan’s sake. He wants Karan’s custody, which is possible if Aditi supports him. Aditi decides to forget everything and return to the family. She sets a condition for them. She insists on Karan’s extradition to Vikram. Sarabjit and Mehr are shocked at the demand.

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