Choti Sarrdaarni 15 December 2020 Written Update – Sarab and Mehr looked confused and stood up

Choti Sarrdaarni 15 December 2020 Written Update – Sarab and Mehr looked confused and stood up

At the start of the serial, Harleen stopped him and said that nothing related to this house could be taken with you. Sarab told Mehr that he would open her gold bracelet and give it to her. Vikram, Aditi, to stop doing all this, but she ignored him. Harleen told Adi that God would definitely punish her for this.

After leaving, Gill told Aditi Sarab to reassure her that you would not benefit from using her family name. Sarab swore to her that she would not use any name. Aditi challenges them to not be able to live for more than a week, and you come back and give us Karan.

Mehar said Sarab would not go against his word. Sarab told Aditi that he walked out of the house saying he had no grudge against her. Harleen was following her with tears in her eyes. It was sad when Vikram ran out and saw Karan from a distance. Al staff members were eyeing water to see Sarab leave the mansion. Aditi came out and ordered the security to close the gates.

Sarab and Meher turned around and saw Aditi for the last time. Seeing Kulwant in her jeep, Sarab said why she was leaving all her possessions. We will build the mansion, ”Param told Kulwant. Kulawant told Sarab to think for Parab. Kulavant went inside to talk to Aditi, but Mehr stopped her and told her not to interfere. Kulwant said, he would come to her house with her. But

Vikram said I was a fool for believing your words. Because now Karan is not safe outside this house. Aditi said she loves her and she will bring his Karan back to him. Vikram went between her words. Kulwant asked why he was leaving all the facilities because of Karan. Mehar said that Karan Sarab was more than other things.

While walking on the road, Param started coughing and told Sarab that he was very tired and requested to bring the car. Sarab and Mehr looked confused and stood up.

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