Choti Sarrdaarni 1st December 2020 Written Update Episode

Choti Sarrdaarni 1st December 2020 Written Update Episode Param was talking with his friend in a call. Mehr asked Param what had happened. Param said he was confused as he also celebrated Guru Purushab 2-3 months ago. Sarabjit said he has ten gurus, so he celebrates Guru Purab for each guru. Mehr left. Sarabjit told Param that Meher will be surprised soon. After Sarabjit departed, Param himself claimed that Sarabjit too would be surprised. Vikram called Harleen, but suddenly Aditi came and took the landline from Vikram’s hand. Aditi asked Vikram that Vikram was happy because of her. Vikram said definitely and this house feels like home when all the members are together. Aditi and Harleen were speaking on the call, then Parham’s gift was delivered to Param’s home. Param told him to pay Harleen and he left. Param Meher came to his room as a gift.

Meher asked what this was. Sarabjit said it was a dress. And Meher said the same dress she wore in her dream. Sarabjit tells Meher to come dressed. While Meher was changing, Sarabjit set the camera to record everything. Meher was shocked to see the dress and refused to wear the dress. Sarabjit urged Meher to wear a dress. Param also urged Meher to come out fast by dressing up. Sarabjit gives Meher 20 seconds to get out of the dress. With the help of Kulwant, we will soon be building an organization that will be named the PKCC-Pathak Kulwant Coaching Class, ”Mr Pathak said at the meeting.

Mr Pathak said that Kulwant will be the director of the firm and will be 50℅ shareholders. Mr. Pathak introduced the agency’s top 10 teachers, who were selected by the principals. The institute is hers, so she also chooses teachers, Kulwant said. The Principal told Kulwant to review his business strategy and also to maintain education strategies. Kulwant said he did not know who Kulwant was and what Kulwant could do, but told him to be careful in the future. Kulwant removed the principal from work and told everyone to come tomorrow.

Meher came out of the room in a black cat dress with a hunter in hand. Sarabjit and Param were surprised. Sarabjit asked Param, Where did this dress come from? Param said he ordered this dress. Mehr defeats a hunter on the ground. Param asked Maher to catch a mouse. Sarabjit was running from Mehr, and Mehr was following Sarabjit. Harleen also joined the game. Sarabjit Param is hiding in the room. Mehar and Sarabjit got tired and fell on Param’s bed.

Mr. Pathak asked Kulwant where and when he learned English. Kulwant was once insulted because he did not know English, so he learned English from Amrita. Kulwant tells Sri Pathak not to ask more questions. Mr. Pathak said that Amrita was educated, so we should hire her as a teacher in our institution, but Kulwant refused and said that her sosi would not do the job. Amrita calls Kulwant to talk about the institute, but Kulwant asks him to prepare food.

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