Choti Sarrdaarni 22 Nov 2020 Written Update : Vikram told Sarabjit that everything had changed

Choti Sarrdaarni 22 November 2020 Written Update : Vikram told Sarabjit that everything had changed

At the beginning of the serial, Vikram told Sarabjit that everything had changed, and with that I changed my decision. After Karan’s arrest, I decided that he would settle somewhere far away from them, but Vikram irritated me by warning you. Vikram told me, from now on, I was breaking my relationship with Aditi and was going to leave Aditi.

Vikram told Aditi that you have some misconception about that dress and that it has nothing to do with any girl. Aditi asked why he married her; Vikram replied that hurrying to our marriage is everyone’s fault. Vikram said he could not give them any pleasure, so we stayed away from each other.

Vikram cannot go out with her, put a knife on her wrist, and Aditi said to make a deep cut. Everyone was trying to stop her, but she didn’t listen to anyone. Aditi Moore fell to the ground. Sarabjit bandaged, and Mehr called the doctor. Harlen was shocked to learn that Aditi had cut her nerve. Vikram brought her water, but she didn’t take it. Aditi was saying she didn’t want to live much.

Sarabjit scolded her for saying such a scourge. Harlen grabbed Vikram’s collar and asked her why she wanted to witchcraft, asked about the clothes and told her to reveal the girl’s name. Sarabjeet calmed Harlan and told him to leave his collar. Harlen said she would call the police and file an FIR against him. Sarabjeet stopped her and said that we would solve our personal problem by ourselves. Doctors came and treated Aditi.

Kulwant saw Amirtha giving the strange man a red bag in which she kept her chain. Kulwant called her and. She had heard of her natives, but she had lied and she had come to UV school to file her fees.

Sarabjit, Vikram and Meher were discussing in a room. Robbie came over and kept his phone on the recording. He told Vikram Sarabajit that he was an equal defaulter in the whole situation. Vikram said he was suffering because of them. Vikram said he had suffered a lot in the past because of his love. Mehr said God is testing us. Mehr told Vikram to think for a moment about where she is now, if no one would accept her and his son.

Sarabjit told Vikram that he knew Karam since he was in Mehr’s womb. Sarabjeet said, he never thought of her in any negative way and gave him his name. Sarabajit said he spent many moments with him, so how could he separate him. Sarabjit requested Vikram not to take him away from us. After talking about his custody, Sarabjit asked him what would be the difference with him. Vikram replied that he would give him his surname.

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