Choti Sarrdaarni 29 November 2020 Written Update – communicate with her and show her something

Choti Sarrdaarni 29 November 2020 Written Update – communicate with her and show her something

At the beginning of the episode, Vikram withdraws his case and tells Sarab Mehar that Karan will not be prosecuted in court for his arrest. Meher is less likely to listen to him. He transmits Karan’s video to Vikram and calls him to meet Karan. Vikram cuts the video call with Aditi, who must attend an emergency call even though she confronts him, but he ignores her. He says it’s always his job to be his. The next day, Mehr and Sarab plead for their family’s peace. Kulwant and his family meet Meher, Sarab and Param there. Also Read Aatma Bandhan 29th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Agori throws Baba into the lake to punish the Queen

Kulwant begs God to address the barriers between himself and Mehr that this block is affecting so much. Mehr questions Amrita, who told Kulwant about her plans to start the Kohar Center. Amrita responds that she has not yet spoken with him about this. Mehr says today is a really good day and suggests to talk to Kulwant. Sarab, Meher, Param drink tea from the outer temple. Meher congratulates the taste. Amrita says she wants to talk to Kulwant that Lovely’s business has failed, so she thought of helping him. Kulwant asks mockingly, she plans to sell her to help her mother’s family and not let her talk anything. Amrita gets frustrated hearing her and leaves. Kulwant shocked seeing Vikram there.

Sarab gives him a dessert that will give him Karan and serve him. Vikram looks shockingly at Sarab. He says Karan is his son too, so he can be sure of this. Vikram happily serves him and reminisces about a blood sample test and confesses to his son that he has given him a try and tells him that he will be with his father soon. He thanks Sarab for this, but his struggle for power continues.

Vikram receives a call from a DNA reporter delivery boy. He recognizes Harleen and remembers how Robbie told him to scare her, and today he gives her a DNA test report. He remembers how positive Robbie was that he would get a DNA test report and deliver Harleen Karan to him. He comes with Harleen, but Aditi comes before him. He is shocked to see her there and asks how she got here.

Meher shares Sarab’s sacred offering with all. Vikram also begins to share the sacred offering. Harleen is horrified to notice Vikram and stir up his competition. He tells her he wants to communicate with her and show her something.

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