Choti Sarrdaarni Today Written Episode 3rd December 2020 Update

At the beginning of the latest issue of Choti Sardarni, a popular show of colors, Amrita talks to Mehr about her coaching classes. She pleads with her not to disobey Kulwant because it worsens their relationship. Mehr tells Amrita not to think too much about the matter as he will talk to Kulwant himself about the start of coaching classes.

Amrita sadly says that Kulwant has already accepted the verdict that the center will not open but Meher is still sticking to her word. On the other side Param asks Yuvi if he knows when classes will take place.


Both Yuvi and Param talk about classes when they enter Kulwanath. She sees them gossiping and asking them not to. She then asks Mehr and Param about her. Param tells her that Mehr is his mother and Kulwant is his grandmother and maternal mother. Kulwant smiled and listened to the behavior and etiquette or life lessons she had learned from Mehr. Param thinks. Kunavant tries to tell the story of what is going on between Manav and Mehr but Mehr arrives just then.

Mehar angrily picks up Parham, who sits on the ground, following Kulwant’s rules. She pulls him towards the parked car and orders Param to sit quietly inside it. Kulwant stares at her. Mehr tells her that under no circumstances will she allow Kulwant to fill Param’s mind with nonsense and bad things, so she keeps him away from him. On the other side, Harleen finally receives the DNA reports that Manav sent earlier. She was shocked and immediately called Sarab.

Harleen then telephones Adi and informs her of the reports she has received. Then she decides to meet in person. Manav listens to it all and hopes that by doing this Harleen will definitely protect Sarabjit and Meher from shame. Pathak Gill comes home, which is a shock to both Mehr and Sarab. He shows them a video in which he describes everything that happened between Mehr and Manav.

Seeing the report, Sarab angrily grabs Pathak by the collar of his shirt. Pathak laughs. Sarab dismisses him for trying to be overconfident when he clearly knows what the consequences would be if the circumstances were on his side. Sarab later learns that Robbie is the one who pierced Karan’s hand to extract blood. He gets so angry at him for touching his child and then throws him out of the house in a written update by Choti Sardarni.

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