Choti Sarrdarrni 8 November 2020 Written Update: Karan and says he can now separate him from his son

Choti Sarrdarrni 8 November 2020 Written Update: Karan and says he can now separate him from his son

Vikram happily worships Karan and says he can now separate him from his son. Kulwant calls Vikram and says that he got his son and reminds him of his business. He says he remembers everything and releases him from the murder case.

Param says Mehr Karan has not been brought up so late. If someone kidnaps Karan like him and when someone kidnaps him he is very scared and Karan too is scared now and he takes it to mobile and tells it to Sarab. But Sarab does not attend to his call and he begins to cry.

Doctors were examining Sarab. Sarab says he wants to be discharged before Diwali and he should be fine before celebrating Diwali with his family. Aditi’s friends say that Aditi didn’t introduce Vikram and got married at Lockdown without telling anyone. Aditi says that Vikram is always a busy man and she doesn’t think she can meet him at any time.

Vikram comes there with Karan. Aditi calls Vikram but he does not take her call. Harleen tells her husband that she could go to the hospital with Meher Karan for vaccination and that Param would be alone in the house. The husband says that everyone is more respectful of Vikram than he is. He says Vikram made a play when he was drunk, but nobody said anything to him. She says he saved Sarab even in a drunken state and he should not forget what he did in his drunken state.

Mehr’s brother thinks of Mehr’s act. Gulwant mocks them. They say they already have a murder case, including a kidnapping case. He says he thinks they have done wrong by kidnapping Karan. They ask that Vikram gave Karan and he released him from murder.

He says that Mehar is not silent and will steal Karan from Vikram. He is right Mehr is a lioness and so far she is stealing Karan from Vikram. Meher gets Karan back and he is released from the murder case and he says this is a win-win situation for him.

Meher reaches Vikram’s house and knocks on the door. Vikram’s mother asks why she is so scared and asks what happened. She goes to fetch water. Mehr tells her to call Vikram. Vikram’s mother asks why Vikram is looking for him and he is now in his office. Mehr says that he is not choosing her call but he will certainly choose her call.

Entering the hotel room with Vikram Karan, they will be here today and it will be their home but Karan starts to cry. Vikram’s mother calls him but he doesn’t even take her call. He says Karan looks hungry and orders him milk. Karan kept crying and he called the room service to scold her. Then Vikram comes out of the room to talk to the room service man and locks him from inside the room. He looks at it and is shocked and runs towards the room.

Precap – Mehr informs Sarab about Karan’s abduction.