Chrono vs Shirou vs Jai: Which Free Fire character is better for CS mode? Everything Is Know About

Chrono vs Shirou vs Jai: Which Free Fire character is better for CS mode? Everything Is Know About. Most of the free fire game lovers searching for which is better CS mode in Free Fire character. Skyler is one of the most useful characters in Free Fire Clash Squad mode. His ability to ‘Ripid Rhythm’ Glow destroys walls and leaves enemies uncovered. This ability will be very useful for players who want to elevate their rankings in the latest CS ranking season.


Chrono and his ability
Chrono and his ability (Image via Free Fire)

According to his description of Free Fire, Chrono is a bouncer hunter from another universe and has an active ability known as a time-turner. With his base-level ability, Chrono can create a force field that can prevent 600 damage from enemies. He can shoot at enemies while he is inside the battlefield.


Shirou and his ability
Shirou and his ability (Image via Free Fire)

Projection and tracing: Shirou’s signature magical skills. Reinforcement: A magical power that enhances the presence of an object such as hardness, sharpness. Structural Analysis: By touching an object, Shirou can observe it and feel any failures in its design or structural defects.


Jai's microchip for Raging Reload
Jai’s microchip for Raging Reload (Image via Free Fire)

His game description says: “Jai is a decorated SWAT commander.” Jais ability is called Raging Reload, which automatically reloads the gun’s press at 10% of its maximum capacity after knocking down an opponent.

Which character is best for CS rank?

Alok is one of the most loved characters in Garena Free Fire due to his unique game skills. Drop the beat improves the operating speed and at the same time fill up to 5 hp / h for 10 seconds. This means 50 hp without the medkits, which is very useful in CS mode.

Which character has best ability in Free Fire?

1 DJ Alok
2 Wukong
3 K
4 A124
5 Hayato
6 Steffie

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