Coronavirus: WHO sshocking claim on Covid 19 one in 10 people infected with the virus

The World Health Organization (WHO) has made a shocking claim over the number of corona virus infections. The head of the WHO’s emergency services has said that one in ten people worldwide may be infected with the corona virus. In a 34-member executive board meeting on Monday on the corona virus, Dr. Michael Ryan said that the numbers may change in urban and rural areas, but ultimately it means that a large population of the world is in danger.

He said that the number of corona epidemics will continue to increase, but there are tools to reduce transmission and save lives. “Many deaths have been averted and many lives could be saved.” Ryan has said that South-East Asia is experiencing an increase in corona cases, with an increase in deaths in Europe and the eastern Mediterranean, while the situation in Africa and the Western Pacific was ‘more positive.’

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He said that our current best estimates show that ten percent of the world’s population can be affected by this virus. According to this, 76 million people in the world’s 7.6 billion people can be infected with corona. Let us know that experts have already said that the number of cases of infection is being reported, more people are actually suffering from infection.

How many total corona patients in the world?

The total number of corona patients in the world is steadily increasing. According to John Hopkins University data, 35,238,623 people have become ill with the corona virus so far. Of this, 1,038,027 people have died. The highest number of corona patients is still in the United States, where 7,419,594 people are infected with corona. This is followed by India, where 6,623,815 people have been infected with Kovid-19. Brazil has the third highest number of corona patients. So far, 4,915,289 people have been infected with Corona.


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