Could the Aadhaar number also be your choice? Know what the court has said

Aadhaar Update: The Delhi High Court on Tuesday sought a response from the Central Government and the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) on a petition seeking the creation of a new Aadhaar number for existing Aadhaar card holders. The petition, which was filed on the demand, had raised concerns that his personal details, including the Aadhaar number, were compromised.

Notice to Government and UIDAI

Justice Rekha Palli has directed the government and the UIDAI to file a detailed affidavit in this regard. The order was filed by businessman Rajan Arora. Arora, in the petition, sought an order from the court to issue a new Aadhaar number to the Unique Identification Authority of India and take appropriate measures to protect the fundamental right to privacy and prevent violations and damage.

The number is linked to a person for a lifetime

Joaheb Hussein, a lawyer appearing for UIDAI, told the court that as soon as the Aadhaar number was issued, the concerned person and the number were linked to each other for life. The Aadhaar (Proposed Distribution of Finance and Other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Act, 23 (n) of 2016 does not give the authority to decide on the method of issuing new Aadhaar numbers. You have the power, ”Justice Palli told UIDAI. The court said that it cannot be read in such a factual manner (if it cannot be changed) then the rule must be broken.

Unable to change based on user insistence and preference

However, the court said it could not change the Aadhaar number on the users’ insistence and choice. Applicants have told the court that their Aadhaar number has been linked to some unknown foreign entity, so now they have to give them a new Aadhaar number. The court then directed the government and the UIDAI to hold hearings before September 9. To submit a reply.

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