CSIR Innovation Award-21121: School students get cash prize of up to Rs 1 lakh

CSIR Innovation Award -2021: In keeping with the second wave of the corona epidemic, the deadline to apply for the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Innovation Award-2121 has been extended from 20 April 2021 to 31 May 2021. Students under the age of 18, up to 12th grade, can participate in this competition.

Students who are planning a project on innovation and a subject in this field have the opportunity to win a lakh of rupees. How do the student apply and the winners are selected? You can read all these things ahead. Its partners can view the detailed instruction available on the CSIR website https://www.csir.res.in/.

The competition is being organized under the Innovation Award 2021 on behalf of CSIR. In this competition, students are required to submit their project in 5000 words, images / charts etc. The innovation project may be in terms of environment, biotechnology, biology, chemistry, electronics and technology. The 15 students who won the competition will be awarded a cash prize. The awards will be distributed in New Delhi on September 26. CSIR will bear the cost of students ’travel and will remain in Delhi.

Prize money for 15 winners:

No. —— Category —— Rs.
1 ——- First Prize —— 1 Lakh
2 —- Second prize —– 50-50 thousand
3 —– Third prize —- 30-30 thousand
4 —- Fourth prize ——- 20-20 thousand
5 —— Fifth prize ——- 10-10 thousand

CSIR Innovation Award -21 Notification

Students participate in this competition-
-Produce your innovative idea into a project in Hindi or English, which is a maximum of 5000 words.
After this, get the signature of the school principal you are reading.
– If you have received any certificate or media coverage for this innovation project or idea, attach it and send the hard copy by mail to CSIR New Delhi. Prior to that, the student should send a scanned copy of the project and documents to [email protected]