Data transfer at a speed of 319 TBps, Japan set the world record for Internet speed

With the rise of home-work trends around the world, the demand for high-speed internet has also increased. In such a situation, Japan has set a new record for fastest data transfer with the fastest internet speeds in the world. The engineers surprised everyone by transferring data at speeds of 319 TBps (terabytes per second). What is special is that there is no decline in speed during data transfer.

According to the report, a team of engineers from the National Information and Communication Technology Agency of Japan (NICT) performed this amazing work. The team recorded a speed of 319 terabytes per second for data transfer at a distance of about 3000 km. Let us tell you that the data transfer speed record is 178 tbps.

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The NICT team used 4-core optical fiber cables and lamps instead of ordinary cables to create a new world record. For this, the team used a 552-channel laser that operates at different frequencies. Engineers designed a transmission loop using two special types of fiber amplifiers. These amplifiers work to increase the speed and range of the Internet.

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Let’s say this test was done a year ago by Japanese and UK engineers, and is now being published in a research paper. The team recorded the fastest data transfer, with no performance landing at 3000 km. Interestingly, the simple optical fiber cables used for Wi-Fi in our homes also support this technology. However, this may require some modification.

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