Daughter deletes tweet from Union Minister’s comment on Rukas, Mamata

Union Minister Babul Supriyo has been surrounded by commenting on West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee. He shared a controversial calculation in a tweet in which he wrote about Mamata – ‘Beti Paraya Dhan Hai. This time we say goodbye. Babul Supriyo actually shared a picture with a photo of Mamata Banerjee on her caption, ‘I am the daughter of Bengal’. Below is a folded photo of Union Minister Amit Shah with the caption “Beti Pariah Dhan Hai”. This time you leave. “This calculation was made by the Asansol district unit of the BJP,” Babul Suprio said in a tweet.

Sharing this calculation, Babul Supriyo wrote, ‘This time Kar Hai Dai farewell’. Though Babul Supriyo tweeted this in an attempt to taunt Mamata Banerjee, she was surrounded by it. Besides Trinamool supporters, a large number of people started criticizing them. After this, he only deleted his tweet.

Not only that, but #BanglaNijerMeyekeiChay started trending against his post on Twitter. This means that Bengal wants its own daughter. West Bengal’s Minister of Women and Child Welfare, Dr. Shashi Pau, held a barrage against Babul Supriyo and said, “Babul Supriyo, I am worried about the situation of women in the country.” What happens if public representatives only do such patriarchal things? I am very surprised that there is such a gender gap in the BJP. ‘

Shashi Paw, ‘West Bengal is known for the respect of daughters. This time they will not allow their daughter to be insulted ‘. Let me tell you that the Trinamool Congress, which describes Mamata Banerjee as the daughter of Bengal, has started campaigning for the Assembly elections. In this way, Mamata Banerjee has sought to raise the issue of respect for women with Bengali identity.

Political experts say Mamata Banerjee has decided to portray herself as the daughter of the Deedi in West Bengal this time around. Most notably, the ABP News-C voter opinion poll predicted TMC’s win Saturday. At the same time, the BJP is said to win over 100 seats.