Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal kick-start sprinkling of bio-decomposer solution at Hiranki Village in Narela

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday started spraying Bio Decomposer Solution Spray to dissolve Parali at Hiranki village in Narela.

Chief Minister Kejriwal said that there is 700-800 hectares of land in Delhi where paddy is grown and stubble is grown. Now this solution will be sprinkled there. Spraying will be completed in the next few days and in 20-25 days the starch will turn into compost, which will help in preventing pollution.

During this, he expressed concern over increasing pollution in Delhi and said that all states will have to work together to stop it. Farmers in Punjab and Haryana burn stubble in compulsion. This causes pollution problem not only in Delhi but also in the whole of North India.

Kejriwal said that stubble burning has started again in the surrounding states, due to which smoke has started reaching Delhi. We have to take appropriate measures to stop this as soon as possible.

Delhi’s air is ‘very bad’, air pollution may increase corona

At the same time, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia raised a number of serious questions in a press conference on Tuesday about the inaction of the central government in the matter of pollution. Manish Sisodia said that the Delhi government is continuously working throughout the year to reduce Delhi’s pollution, but the pollution of the straw is not the problem of North Delhi alone. Sadly, the central government took no steps to stop it. The government has been sitting hand in hand for the whole year.

‘North Delhi is not only disturbed by the central government’s negligence’

He said that the central government has to play a role in reducing pollution. I request that the Central Government and all the governments should fulfill their responsibility to deal with this problem.

Sisodia said that the Delhi government is taking all possible steps at its level to curb pollution. But the center is doing nothing. An agency like Ipca should fix the responsibility of the Center, Punjab and Haryana on this and ask them why they are not taking any action.


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