Delhi FC distributes food to over 2200 needy people in Delhi

Delhi FC (Football Club) and Dynamos Ultras have partnered with ‘Kitchen on Wheels’ to distribute food to the needy in the wake of the coronary epidemic across the country. Delhi FC and Dynamos Ultras have decided to distribute food to the hungry with ‘Kitchen on Wheels’ because starvation is the result of the corona epidemic despite the lack of medical resources. Significantly, since 2016, Kitchen On Wheels has been actively catering to the privileged.

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This is not the first time that Delhi FC and Dynamos Ultras have made such an effort. In the first wave of Corona, the club distributed food to 100 needy people in Dwarka, but this time the club decided to distribute food on a much larger scale. Dynamos Ultras is also actively involved in this initiative. Since joining Minerva, he has been working shoulder-to-shoulder with Delhi FC.

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Delhi FC and Dynamos Ultras have been running a fundraising campaign for three days from April 26 to 29 and the food has been distributed to over 500 needy people across Delhi. Hemchand, founder of Delhi FC and co-owner of Ranjit Bajaj and B.S. Under the leadership of Mehra, the fund has been distributed to 2200 people in different parts of Delhi in 21 days (April 26 to May 16).

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