Delhi government advises people to eat well-cooked chicken and eggs amidst bird flu threat

Keeping track of bird flu cases in the city, the Delhi Department of Health on Wednesday advised people not to panic and follow guidelines to avoid eating half-baked chicken, half-boiled or half-fried eggs.

In the last one week, many ducks and large numbers of crows have been found dead in various parks in the city. The Revenue Department has deployed citywide volunteers to bring illegal animals from outside and inspect canned and processed poultry.

H5N8 is highly contagious to birds, according to a suggestion issued by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) on Wednesday in Delhi, but its effects on humans, such as avian influenza (AH5N8) virus infection, are minimal.

Bird Flu Prevention, Complete Ban on Meat Shops and Poultry Buying

In giving advice, the Health Department has appealed to people to take precautions and not be afraid. It says that you should avoid contact with a sick-looking and infected chicken. Avoid direct contact with bird feces. The bowls and their cages should be washed thoroughly with soap or detergent to feed the birds.

All waste from poultry shops should be properly disposed of, DGHS officials said. In the suggestion, people were warned not to touch the dead birds with their hands. If the bird dies, tell the control room phone number 23890318. It states that only fully cooked eggs and poultry products should be consumed for 30 minutes at 70 ° C. Do not eat half boiled chicken or half boiled and half fried egg.

It tells you not to put raw meat next to grilled meat. Wash hands frequently when touching raw chicken products. Maintain personal hygiene and maintain the surrounding swatch.