Delhi Police announces Rs 1 lakh reward for rakha violence

Accused Lakha Siddhana, who fled the violence in the Red Fort on the Republic Day, participated in a rally on Tuesday in Bathinda, Punjab, in protest against the new agricultural laws. Delhi Police have announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh for Lakh Siddhan’s arrest.

Gangster-social worker Lakhbir Singh alias Lakha Siddhna released a video on social media on Saturday, holding a Kisan meeting in Mehraj, Bathinda on February 23 and appealing to a large number of people to reach a public meeting.

In the video, the central government is accused of trying to intimidate farmers by filing false cases against them. In this video, the Sikhs indirectly attack Rakesh Tikite, the national spokesman of the Indian Kisan Union. The peasant movement should now be occupied by people who are not Punjabis, ”he said. He says the farmers’ movement is seven months old and has reached its peak.

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In the video, he was saying that a large number of people must reach millions on February 23rd. Come to Bathinda district, there is Mehraj Pind, a show. Try my brothers more to know that we are with the peasant movement.

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Let us tell you that the Delhi Police are very keenly searching for the theory of this gangster lacquer in Punjab in connection with the violence at Red Fort on January 26 The police have announced a cash reward of Rs. Police are raiding various places for his arrest, but have not yet achieved success.