Delhi Police writes a ‘zoom’, looking for information on ‘toolkit’ meeting before the Republic Day

Delhi Police has sought information from the video conferencing platform ‘Zoom’ for people who claimed that the Khalistani group had prepared a toolkit to support the farmers’ movement at its January 11 meeting.

Mumbai-based lawyer Nikita Jacob and Pune engineer Shantanu were among the 70 people who attended the meeting via zoom-op a few days before the violence in the capital, Delhi, which claimed over 500 policemen and killed one demonstrator.

Delhi Police has sought information from videoconferencing app zoom from attendees of the January 11 meeting, a police official said. Joint Police Commissioner (Cyber) Prem Nath on Monday alleged that Shantan’s e-mail account was the owner of this Google document.

Prem Nath said Mohammed Dhaliwal, founder of the pro-Khalistan group Poetic Justice Foundation (PJF), had approached Jacob and Shantanu through a woman named Punit of Canada.

Nikita and Shanta attended a zoom meeting organized by the PFJ on January 11, in which they decided to create a ‘toolkit’ titled ‘Global Farmer’s Strike’ and ‘Global Day of Action’ on January 26.

At the same time, Delhi Police Commissioner S.N. With regard to Disha Ravi’s arrest, Srivastava said it was done according to the procedures. The law does not distinguish between 22 and 50-year-olds. He was produced in court and sent to 5 days police custody. This is wrong when people say arrest is wrong.