Demand for flats with office space increases at home, Corona prefers to house with less crowds, air and essential amenities

The corona epidemic has changed the trend of buying a home, i.e. flat. Now the demand for such a project is so high that it is less crowded, more airy, has all the amenities in society, and the number of towers. The real estate industry, badly affected by Corona, has begun offering ready-made flats to suit the consumer’s choice to increase sales.

Real estate expert Tarun Jain says the real estate market will now have to wait two years to recover. Looking at the trend in the real estate market, he says, home-work practice has increased rapidly in metro cities due to the corona virus. The epidemic, such as the corona virus, has caused people living in rented houses in cities to prioritize their housing needs, thus serving as home support amid economic challenges.

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Corona has given birth to a new home concept for buyers and reduced demand for societies with high towers. Jain says real estate has also been hit by the second wave of corona, in which case both residential flats or commercial construction have stalled. Jain says there is a golden opportunity for those who want to buy a home for cheap. He says that as soon as the sanctions associated with the corona epidemic are lifted, the demand for homes will increase.

Buyers who want this facility

There is a demand from buyers for a flat with an office facility that has a two-room set. A personalized office room is being developed as a full office, including all the work requirements such as Wi-Fi, Chair, Table, Power Connection, Power Backup from home. In the new home concept, builders are developing the work area in such a way that the noise of the kitchen does not disturb the work. This dedicated office can be used by not only seniors but also school-age children. Experts say people’s confidence in the real estate market has increased in the current situation, as banks have lowered home loan interest rates and the government announced a financial package for the real estate market and Corona.

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