Diya Mirza is getting married again after Witch Orce split, henna named Vaibhav Reiki

Bollywood actress Dia Mirza has tremendous headlines about her personal life these days. Diya Mirza has now moved on with her life after the disintegration of her first husband, Sahil Sangha. This is why she is going to marry again. Diya will tie the knot with her boyfriend Vaibhav Reiki today, Feb. 15. At the same time, Diya’s preying rituals have begun seven rounds before. Diya also created a henna in the name of Vaibhav, who shared a beautiful photo of his henna hand on his social media account.

Diya Mirza shared a picture of her hand in the story on her Instagram account. The henna is seen in Daya’s hands in this picture. The henna is overpopulated in Daya’s hands, with ‘Azad’ tattoos on her wrists. While sharing the photo, Dia wrote – Parr … In the photo, the look of their wedding decorations is also visible. See the photo shared by Dia

In addition, she has shared another picture, in which she is seen wearing a white dress and bridal shower in the ‘upcoming bride’ well. The wedding glow is evident in Dia’s face in this photo. This photo was taken by his friend Freesia B. Please tell me that Vaibhav Reiki is a Mumbai based businessman.

Dia has long been hiding the news of wedding preparations. At the same time, when Diya was seen running a pre-wedding party, Pooja Dadlani was close to Vaibhav Reiki’s family. They shared pictures of this party on their social media account. Diya has kept her wedding program very simple, claiming that only 50 people will participate.