Do not die of a sudden heart attack after Kovid, the doctor said

The corona virus reaches the body and can cause damage in many ways. The incidence of strokes and heart attacks is also found in patients with lame deformity. Compared to the previous year, the incidence of heart attacks in Kovid patients is increasing even more this year. In this case, a little caution can save lives.

A heart attack may occur after Kovid

Senior doctor and cardiologist Dr. K.K. Agarwal is making people aware through videos during Corona. He posted a video explaining how to avoid death due to a sudden heart attack during Kovid-19. Doctors referred to the death of veteran journalist Rohit Sardana in the video. There are reports that he suffered from Kovid and died of a heart attack. This suggests that Kovid-19 may result in death from a heart attack. He said what can he do for this.

If you see any of these symptoms, be careful

If you have any symptoms such as burning sensation, shortness of breath, pressure, pain, acidity, sweating or shortness of breath in the middle of your chest, immediately dissolve 300 ml tablet of water soluble aspirin. Explains Agarwal. The probability of dying is reduced by 22 percent. If you are over 30, have a cavity and suddenly experience symptoms such as chest, pressure, shortness of breath in the chest, then chew aspirin, ”he said. If you have ‘statin’, take 40 mg of rosuvastatin. It can be replaced with atorvastatin 80 mg. If you have clopidogrel, take 8 pills of 75 mg immediately with water. If you don’t have it you can take Dysprin.

Arrive at the hospital immediately after the first treatment

This will give you so much time and you will be able to reach the hospital and treatment will begin. If you have Cavid and you think you had a heart attack, dissolving 300mg of aspirin water is the most important first aid, the doctor said. This tablet should be chewed. You can arrange the remaining medications later.

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NOTE: The information provided here is for your awareness. If you have Covid, understand with your doctor about these medications and keep them with you. Seek guidance from a doctor on what and how many conditions to take. Do not start treatment based on video.